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    Sapporo Food Tours

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      Sapporo Food Tours
      Sapporo Food Tours

      The best private food tours & experiences with locals

      The “cool cousin” of Japan’s major cities, Sapporo is a winter wonderland with an attitude. But when it comes to entertainment, the city’s skyscraper-lined streets and neon-lit nightlife scene are just the tip of the iceberg. Discover what else this dynamic metropolis has to offer on the ultimate food tours in Sapporo with City Unscripted. Any local will tell you the tastiest cuisine lies off the tourist trail, and our food tours of Sapporo are the ideal way to find it. We’ll pair you with a local insider who’s left no stone unturned in seeking out the city’s best bites, and you’ll get a 100% authentic experience of how people in Sapporo like to eat.

      Sapporo Food Tours
      A tasty tour

      What would a trip to Sapporo be without the opportunity to taste some of the city’s best cuisine? Put on your comfiest walking shoes and come hungry, because the food scene stretches all the way across the city – and on food tours of Sapporo, we’ll make sure you squeeze in some sightseeing! On Sapporo food tours, you’ll explore areas like the tightly-packed Tanukikoji covered shopping arcade, visit a traditional Japanese market selling fresh seafood and unique delicacies, and swivel your head between neon-lit skyscrapers in Susukino, the downtown entertainment district.

      Sapporo Food Tours
      Sample Sapporo specialties

      It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of salty snacks, sugary treats or something a little more umami. Our Sapporo food tours are tailored to you, and we’ll make sure you taste foods you’ll adore. For a full experience of the local specialties, book our “Eat like a local in Sapporo'' experience and try all the dishes locals love! On our food tours of Sapporo, enjoy local treats like spicy soup curry, fresh crab, mouthwatering miso ramen with corn and butter, and even rich, creamy uni (sea urchin). And for a much-needed sugar rush? The city’s sweet-cream ice cream is out of this world!

      Sapporo Food Tours
      Experience Sapporo’s sake scene

      In the mood for a drink after dinner? Sapporo food tours with City Unscripted don’t have to be only about the food. Book our “Hokkaido sake tasting experience” and learn why the sake brewing scene in Sapporo is famous across Japan (the region brews over 300 beverages, from beer to whiskey and, of course, sake.) Sip on some of the city’s most famous sake brands with your local host. And these are food tours of Sapporo, too, so grab a plate of crispy yakitori (chicken skewers) at an izakaya while sampling everything from high-quality Daiginjo-shu sake to seasonal, limited edition brews.

      Latest reviews from our guests

        Nick introduced his co-host in Sapporo. The co-host, Asuka was very friendly and kind. She arranged the experience for me.

        February 2020

        Fumiyo S

        Robin was a wonderful tour guide. Made us feel comfortable going to restaurants we would not have been able to go to without a translator! Robin was amazing! He was fun to hang out with and of course the food was awesome!

        February 2020

        Kristyna B

        If you are interested in experiencing Japanese food, seeing the sights of Sapporo or just chatting with a local and learning a bit about Japanese culture do a tour through Cityunscripted as we did a couple of days ago. My 19 year old daughter and I did a 3 hour personalised tour of Sapporo with a lovely local girl, Asuka. Through Cityunscripted we requested that we wanted to try some local specialties, visit some interesting stores and learn a bit about Sapporo. They then match you with a local English speaking guide who then contacts you and works out an itinerary. The communication process via email was faultless. You can also nominate your start time. Asuka met us at our hotel, she was lovely, we learned about her life in Japan, and about her family and her travels. She took us to 2 different restaurants, a soup curry place( a Sapporo delicacy) where we had a wonderful curry soup. Then on to a beautiful store selling good quality goods made in Japan. Then to a seafood izakaya restaurant where we of course had some great seafood inc drinks. Obviously the guides have a food budget to adhere to depending on your requests, had to pay a bit extra for some extra drinks but that was understandable and fine. Very full after all that! Asuka also emailed a few other sights and restaurants to go to in our spare time. To sum up, this experience was well worth it and I would highly recommend using Cityunscripted and meeting the locals.

        February 2020

        Terry E

        Some friends and I were in Hokkaido over New Years and we wanted to do something fun and special while we were in Sapporo. Since we were only in Sapporo for a few days, I thought this tour would be a great way for us to see the city and find some good places to eat and drink. Our host, Asuka, was great! She emailed me well ahead of our trip with a rough plan for our tour, and with some input from me, she put together a great itinerary for us. She took us to a stand-up sake bar, and then to a small izakaya where we got to taste several different types of sake and had a great dinner with lots of local dishes (the dinner was extra), and then we ended at a parfait cafe where we had very elaborate and decadent desserts. All of the places that Asuka chose for us were very representative of, and unique to, the Japanese culture, and she walked us through the main shopping districts and gave us a good understanding of the layout of the city. Asuka was also such a good sport, answering all of the questions we had for her, about herself and Japanese culture in general. Also, I should mention that we had 10 people in our group, so it was so great that Asuka was able and willing to take us around the city and find places big enough for all of us, especially when most places were closed for the holiday. I would definitely recommend this tour for anyone who wants a personal guide to show them around the city and lead them to some great spots. And I would highly recommend Asuka as a great guide!

        December 2019

        Alissa W

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