Our hosts

Our handpicked hosts have different backgrounds, personalities and interests so we’ll always match you to your perfect host

We are picky and only 3 out of 10 applicants get accepted
City Unscripted Our Hosts
City Unscripted Our Hosts
City Unscripted Our Hosts

    Who are our hosts

    Our 2,100+ handpicked hosts are culinary connoisseurs and history buffs, bakers and bankers, students and seniors. Like the people who travel with us, they have different backgrounds and interests – but they’re all so passionate about the place they call home, they choose to spend their free time sharing it with the like-minded travelers matched to them.

    of hosts are university graduates
    18 - 74
    Our hosts ages range from 18-74
    Spoken languages across all hosts
    nationalities across all hosts
    Our Hosts City Unscripted

    Authentic, unbiased experiences are our promise to you. We don't do deals with tourist attractions, restaurants or shops.

    How we select our hosts

    We match our guests to their ideal host based on their interests, personality and type of experience they’re after which means that we invest time in finding a wide range of hosts from multiple backgrounds and with varying personalities and interests.

    Great knowledge of their city
    Our hosts have lived in their city for at least two years and they are tested on their knowledge of it
    Spoken languages
    All hosts speak English and the local language. Many speak additional languages too.
    Great personality
    From introverts to extroverts we ensure that all our hosts are friendly, hospitable and emotianally intelligent
    Wide range of interests
    Our hosts have an interest or expertise in subjects that our guests tend to request, such as history, culture, off the beaten path, etc.