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Our hosts

Hosts are employed locally and matched to expertly deliver the type of experience you have purchased.

Our hosting network extends over 60 cities with more than 2,500 individuals from all walks of life.

Hear from our hosts

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The essential item you didn’t realise you needed.

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The benefits of being hosted

Support local communities and receive their expert, insider knowledge
Avoid needlessly expensive places, go where others can’t and avoid the queues
Get the best eats, the best shots and someone to help you with it all

How our hosts are matched to you
and removing pre meeting anxiety.

Once booked our guests are asked about their ideal host characteristics.
Our two way matching system matches guest and host based on preferences and the most suitable is selected.
So you may view their profile and read their reviews, your host is shared with you prior to the experience.
To fully put you at ease: You will meet your host virtually before you depart, to discuss your experience.