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    Why see a city with City Unscripted?

    Private & personalized

    Our experiences are private and tailored to your wishes. No two City Unscripted experiences are the same because no two travellers are either.

    Knowledgeable, friendly hosts

    Knowledgeable hosts

    Our hosts are carefully selected based on their deep knowledge and love for their city, and friendly and hospitable personalities.

    Perfectly matched

    After booking, we’ll ask you a few questions to match you to the perfect host, so you feel like you’re being shown around by a friend.

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    Experiences for every type of travellers City Unscripted

    We don’t do deals with restaurants, shops or attractions so you’ll always get unbiased recommendations from our hosts!

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    Hi! We're Nick, Yunna, Anna, and Joakim – the founders of City Unscripted .

    When we look back on our most memorable travel experiences, they're connected by one common thread: the people. Our friends in the countries we've traveled to have given us a profound understanding of their city's spirit and soul. Seeing a city through a local lens makes it so much more than a destination; it becomes a second home. These intimate connections with people and places around the world are what we want to replicate for you with our diverse network of incredible hosts from all ages and backgrounds. Between them, we'll find your perfect match – consider us your friend in the city.

    What our guests are saying

    Aw we’re blushing!

    Andrea was very kind and accommodating of our preferences. We walked and experienced several uncrowded ventures. Andrea introduced us to a few new areas in Venice that were outside of the big tourist areas which we loved.

    September 2022


    I’ve done two of these personal tours in less than a week. One in London with Paolo and the other in Amsterdam with Alan. Both very different, but equally excellent. They are the reasons I would use City Unscripted over and over again. Just simply wonderful experiences.

    Oct 2022


    Amazing! My daughter and I had Keiji, who gave us a wonderful and knowledge-filled introduction to Tokyo and various aspects of Japanese culture. He was kind, conversational, and friendly, he made us feel welcome, and didn't hesitate to answer our questions or give us any and all information we needed to plan the rest of our stay. All in all, a wonderful experience - thank you, Keiji!

    Oct 2022

    Tae and Taralynn

    Latest reviews from our guests

    Aw we’re blushing!

      Jimmy was an amazing host. Planned my tour to fit exactly between my flights, helped me figure out where to leave my luggage (a few of them were closed in the airport) and is extremely knowledgeable about Singapore. I had an excellent time and I highly recommend him.

      December 2022


      Suzana J

      Sujeong was a great tour guide! I had already planned to see a lot on more traditional tours. She worked with me to find other things to see so I could see even more of Seoul! We went to Bongeunsa Temple, the Mural Village (lats of hilly walking) and a lot of other places. It was a lot of fun. I had some friends who wanted to join us as well, and it was no problem, just a small additional fee each.

      December 2022


      Lou H

      Tailored the tour to our interests and pace. Jim was a very knowledgeable guide. Enjoyed the tour very much!

      December 2022


      Larissa M

      We could not have expected such a nice tour and see so much and experience Munich in just 8 hours as we did with Carlota. She was accommodating to our interest. We walked some rode the train and subway and public busses. We experienced joy and some sadness when we went to Dachau specially. We went to the English Park and had a great lunch. In the meantime Carlota made us feel like family and we shared both of our lives experiences. I highly recommend her. She speaks five languages and knows the history of Munich very well. There is so much to see in Munich that I would do it again when we go back.

      July 2022


      Alberto d

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    Trip planning via video call
    Plan your perfect trip with help from a knowledgeable local via a zoom call. From things you should know before arrival to advice on the best areas to stay to top things to do, best places to eat, and tips on avoiding tourist traps, you’ll get the insider info to make your trip unforgettable!
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    City Unscripted Zoom with a local
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    Over 35,000 guests perfectly matched to their host

    Our post-booking questionnaire gives us essential information about you and what you want from your experience with us. We can then match you with the best-suited host who will personalize the perfect experience for you.