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Explore THE city with people who love it

What is a City Unscripted experience?


No two City Unscripted experiences are the same. This is because we personalize the experience to you – listening to your requirements and pairing you with the right host.


Our hosts don’t just live in their city; they love their city. Time with them allows you to get more from a city than you ever could from a guidebook.


We handpick every one of our hosts, so they all have a certain passion in common: they don’t read from a long script, they follow their own because they want you to love their city as much as they do.

Popular Experiences

Eat Like A Local in Tokyo

Eat Like A Local in Tokyo

Tokyo | 4 hours

Food is at the heart of modern Japanese culture and Tokyo is the ultimate destination for foodies. From street side yakitori to six seater sushi joints and traditional izakaya bursting with life, you’ll be dreaming of Tokyo’s food long after you leave. Taste the foods in your "must try" list but also discover an incredible variety of other delicious dishes that you've never heard of and which you can only discover with a local who knows where to find them! If you want an authentic experience of Tokyo then this is it!

$112.50 per person
  • (28 reviews)
Must See New York in a Day

Must See New York in a Day

New York | 8 hours

Discover New York’s highlights and the most famous tourist sights as you explore the city with a local by your side to navigate. Even with only one day to explore, you’ll see the very best of the city and tick NY’s top spots off your bucket list, but your local will show you a few secret local spots along the way too! See the city through the eyes of a local who knows it inside out and can show you a unique side to the main tourist sites that you’d never find in a travel guide - so ditch the guidebook and get ready to discover the real New York!

$150.00 per person
  • (4 reviews)
Must See Bangkok in a Day

Must See Bangkok in a Day

Bangkok | 8 hours

With a full day to explore, get an authentic insight into life in Bangkok with a like-minded local by your side. Dive in to Bangkok’s vibrant and exciting culture as you discover the city’s most iconic attractions as well as getting a taste of local life in off the beaten path neighbourhoods. Your experience will be fully personalised to include the famous sites and areas you’d most like to see, but your Local Host will also show you the hidden spots and share stories along the way that you’d struggle to find in a guidebook. With a full day to explore, and a local friend to guide you, you’ll be able to create your perfect day in Bangkok!

$70.00 per person
  • (9 reviews)

What our recent guests say

Don M spent 8 hours with our photographer host Mutz in Tokyo discovering the best photo spots in the city.

“We felt like we were spending time with a friend who wanted us to experience the best of her hometown.”

October 2018

Steven P and his wife spent 8 energetic hours with Victor in Hong Kong exploring the city by foot and experiencing the city beyond its tourist sites.

“Possibly the best single day tour my wife and I have ever had and we have traveled a lot.”

April 2019

Monté M spent a full day with Dan in London visiting all the places in his “must see” list, from the usual tourist sites to the quirky, lesser-known spots.

“Thank you for exceeding my boyhood ambitions of exploring London from a local perspective.”

September 2018

Meet some of our hosts


New York, USA Denise

Creative art-enthusiast, always up to meeting new people

  • (4 reviews)
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Bologna, Italy Gabriele

A Bolognese dreamer with his feet on the ground

  • (22 reviews)
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Mexico City, Mexico Roberto

Archeology-loving, Mexico City-living, funny, knowledgable, energetic, and more!

  • (15 reviews)
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How it works

Tell us your preferences
and book

See an experience you like and book it. We
will ask a few questions to build the right
experience with you.

Just right for you

We’ll pair you with the right host based on
your personality and interests. Trust us, we
know all our hosts personally.

The fun bit

Spend time in the city with your carefully
selected host. You have an itinerary but it’s
unscripted so it’s up to you and your host
where you go and what you do.

About City Unscripted

City Unscripted is a personalized travel service that connects you with hosts who live in a city. We pride ourselves on our highly personalized nature and we make sure that travelers are matched with a host with similar needs. We do this by getting to know all of our hosts personally and understanding them fully – not just what they do and what they know but what they are like as people.

After launching in London in April 2016 City Unscripted now operates in major cities across Europe, Asia, and the Americas! From Berlin to Bangkok, from Stockholm to San Francisco we have let thousands of people explore a city with the people who really love it. We wanted to help people feel more relaxed in the city they are in, get to see a city in a very real way and importantly a way that’s right for them. That’s why we are unscripted – these are not tours with uniforms and clipboards but authentic experiences where you can get to know each other, ask questions and change the itinerary as and when you need to.

You can begin your City Unscripted journey by requesting a host from their profiles and requesting their availability or selecting an experience in a particular city and letting the City Unscripted team select the right host for you.

Our hosts are often people with full-time jobs, working with City Unscripted part-time to meet new people, explore new places and share their passion for their city.

Our experiences range greatly depending on what you want from your city and can involve many different secrets that only someone local to the city would know – the best restaurant for authentic food, a slice of hidden history or even take in the famous landmarks if you like.

The City Unscripted Service is completely trustworthy, safe and secure as each host is individually vetted, verified, and trained by the City Unscripted team.

Booking starts from as little as $27.50 per person for a 2-hour experience, so there’s something to suit every budget.

We have been featured in TimeOut, The Guardian, The Times amongst other publications internationally.

City Unscripted
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