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      Best things to do in Norway

      Best things to do in Norway

      Glittering glaciers, jagged mountains, mirror-like coastal fjords and sprawling green fields contribute to a country that is one of the most breathtakingly magnificent on earth. But further from the awe-inspiring landscapes forming the backdrop for modern Norwegian life, Norway’s beauty is no less stirring – in fact, its quaint towns and villages are some of the loveliest in Europe. Norway has always attracted adventurers: in the past, it was the Vikings, whose preserved 9th-century ships can be viewed in compact capital city Oslo; today, it’s active travelers seeking world-class hiking, white-water rafting, skiing and snowmobiling to make the most of the terrain. But the things to do in Norway aren’t just for those seeking active pursuits. The country is a cultural icon, where Arctic-inspired architecture and Scandinavian dining and design take center stage. Sample Neo Nordic cuisine in modern mini-metropolises, explore amazing museums, and experience world-renowned annual festivals.

      Private Tours in Norway
      Private Tours in Norway

      Whether you have a full day, half a day, or just three hours, our personalized tours of Norway are the perfect way to appreciate this stunning country’s spirit and soul. Norway is known for its glittering glaciers, snow-peaked mountains and coastal fjords, but its natural beauty doesn’t dull in its mini-metropolises and quaint Scandinavian villages. Led by a local guide who’s already uncovered every inch of their hometown, private tours in Norway let you discover the hidden gems and local haunts your guidebook doesn’t even know about. On tours of Norway, experience this land of fascinating history and heritage exactly like a local would. From the preserved Viking ships in the compact capital, Oslo, to the colorful wooden houses along Bergen’s old wharf, a private walking tour of Norway will paint a perfect picture of Norway’s diverse cities and their distinct personalities. The country spills over with iconic attractions, but some of the best experiences and things to do in Norway are the simple pastimes of the people who call it home. With us, you won’t get caught in a tourist trap – simply tell us what your dream local tour of Norway looks like, and we’ll make it happen.