Customer Reviews

Experiencing a city through the eyes of a local can make the difference between a nice trip and an unforgettable one. See what our clients are saying about their experience with our locals.


Pamela | London

Sean-Taylor | London

Review by: Pamela S
July 2017

I am so glad I started my trip with Sean-Taylor

Sean-Taylor Williams was my host. He showed me the city of London while also providing me with the history and interesting facts about each location. In one day, we thoroughly explored Brixton, Soho, Camden and other places. After my tour with Sean-Taylor, I was able to effectively navigate the Underground to go anywhere I needed to go in London. Sean-Taylor is extremely personable and knowledgeable. I am so glad I started my trip with Sean-Taylor, working with Sean-Taylor set the precedent for

Melanie | Edinburgh

Sarah | Edinburgh

Review by: Melanie F
July 2017

Edinburgh Tour

This tour exceeded any expectations I had. Sarah knew so much history of the city and knew all the places to go for a true Edinburgh experience. She was so personable and nice that the day literally flew by. The highlight of the day was the breathtaking view of the city that she showed us near one of the attractions. If I was to book again I would definitely request Sarah, she did an exemplary job!

Fulvio | Tokyo

Giovanni | Tokyo

Review by: Fulvio F
July 2017

Giovanni is an excellent friend to get in touch with Tokyo!

Giovanni took us to the areas we requested in a very entertaining way. We were very happy to have spent a day with him since we could learn about Tokyo and Japanese culture a lot. I strongly recomend him to everyone travelling to Tokyo for the first time.

Erick | Amsterdam

Eduardo | Amsterdam

Review by: Erick Z
July 2017

Awesome experience

Eduardo showed me great places and was a very good experience. He is very nice and friendly. Totally recommiended.

Kenny | London

Daria | London

Review by: Kenny G
July 2017

Islington has some great hidden spots...

Bottom Line: If I had tried to enjoy Islington without a guide, I'd have missed quite a few of the great markets, interesting shops, and quiet streets Darija included in our outing. I'd have also likely walked twice as far to see half as much. She arrived a few minutes early, had plenty of options planned but also invited my input, and flexed to end us at a particular location at my late request. I could not have asked for the afternoon to go more smoothly. Bonus for us: it was a marvelo

Erika | London

Nikki | London

Review by: Erika K
July 2017

London Tour

Nikki was a great tour guide! Very friendly and patient with kids.