The best moments from our happy travellers

Experiencing a city through the eyes of a host can make the difference between a nice trip and an unforgettable one. Every review below is submitted by a real City Unscripted guest.

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“WOW WOW WOW! We had a 10-hour private tour of Hong Kong with Victor and it was truly amazing. In addition to the usual tourist sites that we asked to see, he had a bevy of suggested stops along the way. Many “hidden gems” indeed, places we would never have thought of. From the lunch suggestion (a tiny noodle place jammed with locals, the only tourists being us), to the various markets, to the hilltop views, and the public housing projects, we saw parts of HK we wouldn’t have imagined.”

Review by Rick P
March 2019
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“Olga was superb! A+ She was on time and flowed so easily with a deep knowledge of Amsterdam's incredible history and its notable sites, monuments and art installations. I requested to see as much as possible and we covered the entire city center, on foot; in about 6 hours. It's really something to feel that confident and relaxed in a foreign city!! Olga was my best friend for a day... and I'll never forget her or beautiful Amsterdam!”

Reviewed by Colin K
March 2019
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“My 12 year old daughter and I went on a restaurant tasting tour with Myriam and were absolutely blown away. The food was incredible, but what made the day great was Myriam herself. She is a soulful person who clearly understands and loves the city of Paris. She took the time to get connected to what we wanted to experience and led us to places that both surprised and delighted us. My daughter now has a deeper love for Paris and we have a new family friend. We cannot recommend Myriam highly enough!”

Reviewed by Donte H
March 2019
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“We were privileged to share two days with Noriko exploring Tokyo. Intelligent, intuitive, well traveled, yet a native of Tokyo, Noriko was the perfect guide. Her wealth of knowledge about the past and current events in the city was just what we needed. She took us to the sites we requested, always offering great tips and suggestions of what to see and experience in the vast city. Noriko is a delight and after only two days, we felt like friends. This is the only way to go! No bus tours and shopping excursions. Your precious time will be spent just as you like.”

Reviewed by Robin B
March 2019
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“I carefully scoured the internet examining several Mexico City food tours. It was important to me that we try the unique hidden gems, and small family places, that really show the true flavor and character of Mexico. Roberto Vilchis not only surpassed my culinary hopes, but is also an extremely knowledgeable guide and super-nice, energetic guy! And, where guidebooks and personal recommendations boasted about the best carnitas in the city, Roberto introduced us to a particular spot that actually serves carnitas tacos with the bone still loosely attached to the meat. I can’t wait to return to Mexico City and have Roberto resume our culinary adventures!”

Reviewed by Jim S
February 2019

Happy Travellers

Pub tour in Dublin City

Get to visit some amazing pubs in Dublin City with a local guide. These pub are where the locals would go to have a chat, watch sports or listen to some Irish ballet songs.

May 2022

Reviewed by Jason N , hosted by Jason

New Yorkers in Munich!

Rosemary and Jeffrey were great, full of interest and curiosity in Munich , it´s people culture, history, art ,architecture. They were happy to walk around exploring, getting my take on the city and life here. They want to see and experience as much as possible in the short time they have. It was a pleasure to help them with tips, info, and some local lore that they appreciated. We ran out of time quickly, so much to talk about!

May 2022

Reviewed by Brigid D , hosted by Brigid

A remarkable walking-day tour

Suman and Ruchi were an exceptional couple so avid to know the city. They booked a long walking tour and that gave me the opportunity to show them some hidden gems and the iconic places in town. We went from the surroundings of their hotel to the medieval vestiges and to the Docklands, making multiple stops in the iconic places in Dublin.

May 2022

Reviewed by José Luis E , hosted by José Luis

Friendly guest from Romania

Even with temperatures after the first food spot around 35 degrees, it was a great afternoon with Andrea, sharing some of the best and most traditional food in Lisbon. Because we had a great communication together time passed quick, more than 4 hours easily between two food places. Full of good spots I normally check-in on regular tours and not food-related. I would do differently next time.

May 2022

Reviewed by Ricardo Manuel N , hosted by Ricardo Manuel

Irish Canadian History student does Dublin.

A young friendly Canadian student visiting Ireland and Britain on a discovery mission to help him connect the dots of European history. My guest was polite and very knowledgeable in all matters history-related. We ate up the shoe leather on a lovely sunny day. He got a grasp of the heritage of Dublin in a short 3-hour walking tour.

May 2022

Reviewed by Eoghan O , hosted by Eoghan

Most of London in 8 hrs.

It was great seeing the group of 7 enjoy the fascinating London attractions and my hidden gems. At the end they ended up in Camden Town for a totally different by fun experience.

May 2022

Reviewed by Ana Maria O , hosted by Ana Maria

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