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    Yokohama Food Tours

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      Yokohama Food Tours
      Yokohama Food Tours

      The best private food tours & experiences with locals

      Planning a trip to Yokohama? You’re in for a lip-smacking local food scene. Yokohama was one of the first cities in Japan to welcome western travelers, and the result of this can be seen first-hand in the internationally influenced culinary culture. With a food-loving local leading the way, you’ll explore the city’s diverse food scene on the ultimate Yokohama food tours. Experience the internationalized history at locations like the sprawling 160-year-old Chinatown and beef hotpot restaurants that have been around since the 1800s, and get a taste of the sophisticated modern food trends at futuristic Minato Mirai along the waterfront. Food tours of Yokohama have it all!

      Yokohama Food Tours
      Yokohama food tours to your taste

      With a local guide by your side every step of the way, you’ll explore some of the most food-obsessed areas of the city on our food tours of Yokohama. No matter what type of food you’re into – sweet, sour, or savory – you can trust your host to recommend delicious dishes suited to your palate. Even better? Your helpful host can translate, order, and explain any dish on any menu, whether you’re at a street food stall in Chinatown or a tiny restaurant hidden down an alley in the downtown area. If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that our Yokohama food tours are tailored to you.

      Yokohama Food Tours
      Taste local specialties

      When you think of iconic Japanese food cities, Yokohama probably doesn’t make the list. But food tours of Yokohama with City Unscripted will show you just how much of a culinary powerhouse the city is. All it takes is the local favorite of crunchy, breadcrumb-battered mackerel with an ice-cold beer to sell you on the city’s food culture. Our food tours in Yokohama give you the opportunity to taste Yokohama staples like Gyunabe (a hearty beef hotpot), pork- or beef-filled Chinese dumplings, slurpy soup noodles, and fragrant cherry-blossom flavored ice-cream. What could be better than that?

      Yokohama Food Tours
      Explore famous food areas

      Food tours in Yokohama with us are as much about exploring the city as they are about tasting the food! We’ll make sure you squeeze in some sightseeing while getting an authentic snapshot (and a practical, hands-on experience) of Yokohama’s culinary culture. We’ll take you to areas like lantern-lit Noge, an old-school entertainment hub lined with wood-built izakaya and tiny eateries, along the city’s festive eastern bay. You’ll also get to see the world-renowned Chinatown – the biggest in Japan – where over 600 stalls sell trinkets, souvenirs and spectacular street food.

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        AnnElisa was a fantastic guide. We got to see a slice of Lisbon life that we otherwise would have missed. She was extremely flexible and personable throughout the tour to find the places that suited our tastes the most

        January 2022

        Morgan H

        Even though it was raining in Paris, I still had a great time. My tour guide, Hristo, was very informative and pleasant. Learned a lot about Paris from him.

        January 2022

        MA JASMIN T

        Wonderful time! Oskar was a great host! We went on a walking tour of downtown Mexico City. Oskar was outgoing, entertaining and knowledgeable. We had good conversation, food and drinks. If you want a great tour of Mexico City, ask for Oskar.

        January 2022

        Judi L

        What an amazing experience, highly recommended! Please ask for a tour with Isaac during booking! Our wonderful guide Isaac took us to the best street food places and markets in the beautiful Roma neighbourhood. We tasted the most delicious and authentic tacos, tortas and tamales CDMX has to offer. We also learned so much from Isaac about the history, culture and amazing art in Roma! Thank you so much, Isaac! We can't wait to come back!

        January 2022

        Nima S

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