Hi, I’m Martina


Hi, I’m Martina

I’ve lived in Yokohama for 23 years

I speak English, Japanese, Italian

I am Freelance translator / interpreter


I am Martina, an Italian girl who moved to Japan 5 years ago and has completely fallen in love with it. I've lived in different places, but now I am located nearby the center of Yokohama. I never get tired of discovering this city and what it has to offer. It’s characterized by a long history of international relations with the Western world, thus it’s the epitome of what Japanese people call “wayosecchu”: the perfect combination between the Japanese and Western world. And this can be seen at every corner of the city, where old architectural buildings mix up with gigantic department stores and more modern buildings. It also has a lot of green spaces and it’s surrounded by the sea. It's also the perfect place to have a walk while discovering new cafes and hidden gems. One of my favorite areas is called Yamate, located on the top of a gentle hill from which you can look out over the ocean. It used to be the area where diplomats and traders lived, thus it has a lot of buildings resembling European architecture. For me it’s the perfect place to escape the crowd and relax. I also love the Aka-Renga; it used to be a warehouse to stock products coming from the sea, but it has been renewed with shopping places, restaurants, and event spaces. It’s full of craft-mans shops and delicious food. Every time I go, there's a street performance or an event going on. It’s one of the trendy-chic areas of the city, close to Minato Mirai and its gigantic department stores. I like to talk and exchange thoughts with people from different backgrounds and cultures, because I think everybody has interesting stories to share. I hope you'll join me for an city adventure!

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