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The best private food tours with locals in Tokyo

There’s a reason so many of the world’s culinary greats cite Tokyo as the top place to eat: with more Michelin-starred dining spots than any other city, a food tour of this city’s culinary culture is as close to perfection as you can get. From ramshackle restaurants that specialize in one thing and one thing only, run by chefs who have dedicated their lives to their craft, to sleek, sophisticated eateries serving ultra-modern fare, the only common thread linking the best food in Tokyo is out-of-this-world flavor. Between Tokyo’s wide, crowded streets and tiny lantern-lit alleyways, a food tour of the city’s diverse, cosmopolitan dining scene will be impossible to forget.

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Local chef preparing okonomiyaki for tourists on a food tour of Tokyo
Japanese food culture in its capital city

Each of Japan’s cities has its own regional food specialties, but Tokyo is the place you’ll find them all together: Kyoto’s Kaiseki, Osaka’s Okonomiyaki, perfectly marbled Kobe beef – they all exist here under one urban roof. Tokyo at its soul is a modern metropolis, but with a local by your side, you’ll uncover centuries-old restaurants hidden down historic alleys, traditional cuisine whose recipes have remained unchanged, and dishes that built dynasties. A food tour lets you not only taste the best food in Tokyo but discover Japan’s fascinating culinary heritage in the process.

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Tourist enjoying sushi and sake at a local sushi restaurant in Tokyo
From 100-yen sushi to Kaiseki fit for a king

The Tokyo food scene is anything but pretentious, and the sheer variety of Japanese cuisine will have you spoilt for choice – and price point. Maybe you’ll sample street food at a night market, grab fried chicken or a bento box at a konbini (yes, everything you’ve heard about Japanese convenience stores is true), then wash it down with a drink at a no-frills standing bar. Or perhaps you’ll splurge on a multi-course traditional menu followed by drinks and small plates at an upmarket izakaya. Whether you decide to save or splurge, a food tour in Tokyo is a fantasy fulfilled.

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Typical kaiseki at a local restaurant in Tokyo
(Almost) too pretty to eat

Dainty, delicate, and sometimes downright bizarre, some of the best food in Tokyo has perfected the art of the Instagram selfie while still managing to be mouthwateringly delicious. A Tokyo food tour reveals secret specialties that don’t exist anywhere else in Japan, from ramen in a bright blue broth to adorable animal-shaped donuts. As for the restaurants, they’re as photo-ready as the food! Whether you’re feasting on crispy Kushikatsu skewers in a cozy eight-seater izakaya or snatching sushi off a high-speed train, a Tokyo food tour is a unique experience no matter where you eat.

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