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If you’re looking for knowledgeable private tour guides in Fukuoka to show you the very best of Japan’s coolest city, City Unscripted has got you covered. This high-energy “startup city” by the sea is known for its ancient architecture, creative coffee culture, colorful festivals, and mind-blowing street food scene – you could spend months moving between its iconic attractions and not even scratch the surface. But on personalized tours with our Fukuoka private tour guides, you’ll experience this high-octane wonderland beyond its temples, tradition, and tonkotsu ramen restaurants. Don’t hesitate – book a tailored tour with a private tour guide in Fukuoka today!

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Local guide and tourist walking along a popular shopping area in Fukuoka
Fukuoka tours for you

At City Unscripted, we understand that no two travelers are the same. That’s why our Fukuoka private tour guides take the time to get to know you – your personality, interests, and sightseeing style – to create a tour tailored specifically to you. Whether you have a full day, half a day, or just three hours for your private tour, we won’t waste a second of your time on the sights and experiences you won’t absolutely love. We’ll pair you with a private tour guide in Fukuoka who shares your passions (whether food, history, or culture) and can show you the best their city has to offer.

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Tourist posing with a local in Fukuoka
See Fukuoka with a friend

There are things only someone from Fukuoka would understand about locals-only city life in this vibrant metropolis. You may not know where to find the tastiest street food, the trendiest boutiques, or the coolest cafés serving flannel drip coffee (a Fukuoka specialty) – but our private tour guides in Fukuoka certainly do! Personalized tours with City Unscripted are the perfect way to experience the city as you would if you were seeing it with a friend who lives there. Our Fukuoka private tour guides are intimately familiar with their city, and can’t wait to show you its spirit and soul.

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Group of tourists enjoying drinks and a light meal at an izakaya with a local in Fukuoka
Fueling your Fukuoka tour

In a country with some of the most famous cuisine in the world, Fukuoka still manages to stand out. Who better than our Fukuoka private tour guides to show you why this city’s food scene is famous across Japan? Whether you sample street food at one of the yatai stalls snaking along neon-lit Nakasu River, sip coffee with trendy twentysomethings at a cool café, jostle through the crisscrossing lanes of a traditional market, or exchange a vending machine ticket for a bowl of Fukuoka’s silky-smooth tonkotsu ramen, any food experience with private tour guides in Fukuoka will be one to remember.

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