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Wondering what to do in Tokyo?

Tokyo is positively spilling over with entertainment and activities that can’t be found anywhere else on earth. The Japanese capital sprawls and stretches as far as the eye can see, with some neighborhoods harking back to the wood-built, lantern-lit Japan of old and others so mind-bendingly futuristic they could have been dreamt up in a sci-fi novel. In a city with such an effortless balance between the traditional and the modern, the best things to do in Tokyo span centuries. From exploring ancient temples and treasure-filled museums to walking down skyscraper-lined streets between neon-lit restaurants and karaoke bars, Tokyo is a feast of the unmissable.

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Local guide enjoying a meal with tourists while on a food tour of Tokyo
From 100-yen sushi 1000-year-old Kaiseki

Of all the things to do in Tokyo, soaking up the food scene should be top of the list. Tokyo may have more Michelin-starred dining spots than any other city in the world, but it’s the city’s unpretentious eating spots that make its culinary culture so incredible. You could sample humble street food at a night market, grab a bento box at a convenience store, then wash it down with a drink at a no-frills standing bar – or you could splurge on a multi-course traditional Kaiseki meal followed by drinks and small plates at an upmarket izakaya. The foodie things to do in Tokyo don’t disappoint.

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Tourists enjoying the beautiful cherry blossoms while on a boat ride in Tokyo
Weird, wacky and wonderful

The city is brimming with the uncanny, interesting, and just plain strange, with experiences and attractions that are unique to Tokyo. Its quirky underbelly isn’t hard to find. Wacky places to see and things to do in Tokyo range from entire streets dedicated to kitchen utensils to themed cafés celebrating otaku culture. Maybe you’ll get treated like royalty at a maid – or butler – café, get a tiny doll that looks exactly like you made at Clone Factory, or see the first hotel in the world to have holographic staff. The bizarre things to do in Tokyo are some of the most memorable.

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Tourists crossing a busy road with a local guide on a night tour of Tokyo
Tokyo by night

When night falls, the list of things to do in Tokyo only gets longer. The disappearing daylight is replaced with neon signs, lanterns, and LED screens, and the city has a totally different feel. Tokyo’s unique bar culture is ripe for exploration, from ramshackle izakaya to standing tachinomiya taverns to upmarket cocktail lounges. You could head to glitzy Ginza where the wealthy gather, or stroll down unassuming cobbled alleys between tiny restaurants packed with people snacking on small plates. It won’t be long before you’re cheering “kanpai!” with noisy locals over a sake (or several).

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