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Tokyo – a fun, futuristic, sprawling metropolis – is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for a reason. By day, Tokyo is a magical world where the ancient and ultra-modern collide. But at night, when disappearing daylight is replaced with neon signs, glowing lanterns, and LED screens, Tokyo becomes a playground. On Tokyo night tours with City Unscripted, the electrifying nightlife scene is yours to discover. Anyone with a guidebook can get sucked into the tourist traps, but with a true Tokyoite leading the way, you’ll uncover the hotspots and hidden gems most travelers wouldn’t know existed. Join us on Tokyo night tours for a night you’ll never forget.

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Walking down a busy, neon-lit street in Tokyo on a night tour of the city
Party at your own pace

We know that every traveler’s idea of the ultimate night on the town is different, which is why all our Tokyo night tours are 100% personalized to suit your style. Nightlife in Tokyo doesn’t necessarily mean partying up a storm (although there are plenty of places to do just that!). The diversity of Tokyo’s late-night attractions and activities means everyone is catered for. Your perfect night out could mean dancing until dawn, drinking and dining, or simply strolling down streets lined with late-night shops – whatever your style, night tours in Tokyo will be totally unforgettable.

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Tourists walking down a small alleyway with a local guide on a night tour of Tokyo
Dynamic districts

With so many diverse districts to choose from, Tokyo nightlife has something for every type of night owl – it all depends on your mood. If it’s glitz and glam you’re after, Tokyo night tours in Ginza are perfect for living it up at the upmarket bars frequented by Japan’s rich and famous. If you like things a little fast-paced, Roppongi’s legendary nightlife scene is jam-packed with clubs, buzzing drinking holes, and 24-hour karaoke bars, while Shibuya is perfect if you want stellar city views and neon-lit nights at their most colorful. On Tokyo night tours with us, you’re in charge.

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Local guide enjoying drinks and local cuisine at their favorite izakaya with tourists on a night out in Tokyo
Not your average bar-hop

Tokyo is overflowing with unique places for drink, and you could easily bar-hop your way through night tours in Tokyo. The bar scene here isn’t what you’re used to, and with a local guide by your side, it’s ripe for exploration. Ramshackle izakaya – now local institutions – and no-frills standing tachinomiya taverns give you the purest take on the Tokyo drinking scene. But if it’s sleek, sophisticated lounges and upmarket cocktail bars you’re looking for, you’re in for a treat. On Tokyo night tours, it won’t be long before you’re cheering “kanpai!” with boisterous locals over sake.

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