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    Tokyo Layover Tours

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      Tokyo Layover Tours
      Tokyo Layover Tours

      The best private layover tours & experiences with locals

      Do you have an hours-long layover in the Japanese capital? Waiting it out would be a drag, especially when the most iconic city on earth is right at your doorstep. Don’t sit around eating sad airport snacks – instead, join a Tokyoite on a whirlwind experience of the city in whatever time you have! On City Unscripted Tokyo layover tours with a local, you’ll have this spectacular city at your fingertips. Believe it or not, just a few hours is more than enough to get a feel for the true Tokyo, from ancient temples and shrines to futuristic entertainment. It’s all waiting for you on Tokyo airport layover tours – now doesn’t that beat sitting around at an airport?

      Tokyo Layover Tours
      See Tokyo on your layover

      Your layover is just a few hours and Tokyo happens to be the biggest city in the world – we understand if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Luckily, when you’re exploring the city with a local on our Tokyo airport layover tours, you’re guaranteed to get the full picture of this sprawling metropolis – both its highlights and hidden gems. Don’t regret not grabbing the opportunity to explore Japan’s exhilarating capital! Who says a layover has to be waited out at the airport? Leave that stuffy lounge and get taken into the heart of Tokyo on unforgettable Tokyo layover tours with City Unscripted.

      Tokyo Layover Tours
      Get taken through Tokyo

      Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of leaving the airport? That’s understandable – you have a flight to catch, and exploring an unfamiliar city isn’t exactly a walk in the park. But on Tokyo layover tours with us, you don’t have to worry about a thing, because we’ll send a local to meet you right at the airport (and get you back on time!). There’s no better GPS and guidebook than someone who knows the city inside and out, and you won’t be navigating unfamiliar streets and tangled transport lines alone. We’ll make sure your Tokyo airport layover tours are totally stress-free.

      Tokyo Layover Tours
      Tokyo tailored to you

      Tokyo has so many different sides that one person’s dream tour would be very different from another’s. History, culture, food, shopping, high-octane entertainment and neon-lit nightlife all congregate in one sprawling cityscape – and we know some of these attractions appeal to you more than others. That’s why we tailor our Tokyo airport layover tours to each person that travels with us. Your local host will first learn a little about your interests and personality, then craft a custom tour especially for you. You can be sure that Tokyo layover tours with us make every minute count.

      Latest reviews from our guests

        Me encanto armar personalmente el itinerario de esas 6 horas, pude conocer muchos lugares icónicos!!! (I loved putting together the itinerary of those 6 hours personally, I got to know many iconic places !!!)

        September 2019

        María I

        My guide was a perfect fit! He was friendly and very insightful to help better understand the local culture. We had a fun time together seeing some off the beaten path sites. I highly recommend Hiro-san!

        July 2021

        Michael T

        We had a great day with Hirotake, whose superb English enabled us to learn a lot more about the city on our day out. We visited a wide variety of places, from shrines to a matcha café, posh department stores to a shop selling cheap second hand kimonos (well, we had to buy one!) and a boat trip on the river. We walked all day and enjoyed every minute.

        March 2020

        Neil R

        Hiro was FANTASTIC! He had a great personality, was engaging in conversation and knew the best spots to visit. I didn't want the tourist experience, qnd he totally understood that. My only regret was being a bit quiet (jetlag is a bummer!) After asking us a bit about what we were looking forward to, he showed us how to navigate the JR system (a skill useful for the rest of the trip) and took us to the most amazing place for lunch. Jen said she missed him in the following days - he was great company. If this is your first time to Japan, or if you want a local experience, I can't recommend himhim, or this service, higher. It was worth every penny and then some. All the best Hiro - it was so great meeting you!

        March 2020

        Ruby O

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