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    Private Tour Guides In Sapporo

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      Private Tour Guides In Sapporo
      Private Tour Guides In Sapporo

      The best private guides and local insiders in Sapporo

      Looking for the best private tour guides in Sapporo to help you make the most of your trip to Japan’s unofficial capital of cool? At City Unscripted, we’ve got you covered. From beer aficionados and culinary connoisseurs to sports fans and night owls, every type of traveler will be entertained – and our private guides in Sapporo can’t wait to show you the sides of the city that speak specifically to you. Each one of our handpicked private tour guides in Sapporo is intimately familiar with their hometown, and they’ll help you explore this gem beyond tourist sights like its famous ski slopes and eponymous beer brewery. Are you ready for an unforgettable experience?

      Private Tour Guides In Sapporo
      From top sights to secret gems

      Sapporo may be known for attractions like the annual Sapporo Snow Festival, the iconic TV Tower, and a range of excellent sake breweries, but there’s so much more to explore when you have one of our private tour guides in Sapporo by your side. Whether you marvel at relics from the 1972 Winter Olympics, join locals slurping up Hokkaido ramen in a tiny noodle bar, or even dance the night away in the city’s own “Little Tokyo” entertainment hub, our Sapporo private guides will help you strike the perfect balance between the city’s must-see sights and its local haunts far off the tourist trail.

      Private Tour Guides In Sapporo
      Choose your Sapporo experience

      Do you want to squeeze in as many of the top attractions as you can on a must-see experience, or take a day trip to historic Otaru? Take your pick! City Unscripted offers a diverse range of private tours in Sapporo – simply choose your experience, and let our private tour guides in Sapporo tailor the tour to suit your style. Whether you book our “Hokkaido sake tasting experience,” enjoy a night out in neon-lit Susukino, or spend a full day with one of our private guides in Sapporo discovering a mix of iconic sights and hidden gems, we’ll make your day in the city totally unforgettable.

      Private Tour Guides In Sapporo
      Itineraries 100% tailored to you

      At City Unscripted, our private guides in Sapporo understand that no two travelers are the same. You could be a history buff seeking out sights like the Sapporo Clock Tower or the Historical Village of Hokkaido, a nature-lover looking for pristine mountain trails, or a foodie who wants to try Japanese delicacies, Sapporo-style. That’s why our private tour guides in Sapporo personalize every experience to you. Whatever tour you choose, your itinerary will be created with your personality and interests in mind. Trust our private tour guides in Sapporo to make your dream day a reality.

      Latest reviews from our guests

        Jung was an awesome guide. We went to a very cool arcade, fish market etc. Jung is Korean living in Japan and he gave me a different perspective on living as a foreigner here!

        December 2021

        Joshua T

        Nick introduced his co-host in Sapporo. The co-host, Asuka was very friendly and kind. She arranged the experience for me.

        February 2020

        Fumiyo S

        Robin was a wonderful tour guide. Made us feel comfortable going to restaurants we would not have been able to go to without a translator! Robin was amazing! He was fun to hang out with and of course the food was awesome!

        February 2020

        Kristyna B

        If you are interested in experiencing Japanese food, seeing the sights of Sapporo or just chatting with a local and learning a bit about Japanese culture do a tour through Cityunscripted as we did a couple of days ago. My 19 year old daughter and I did a 3 hour personalised tour of Sapporo with a lovely local girl, Asuka. Through Cityunscripted we requested that we wanted to try some local specialties, visit some interesting stores and learn a bit about Sapporo. They then match you with a local English speaking guide who then contacts you and works out an itinerary. The communication process via email was faultless. You can also nominate your start time. Asuka met us at our hotel, she was lovely, we learned about her life in Japan, and about her family and her travels. She took us to 2 different restaurants, a soup curry place( a Sapporo delicacy) where we had a wonderful curry soup. Then on to a beautiful store selling good quality goods made in Japan. Then to a seafood izakaya restaurant where we of course had some great seafood inc drinks. Obviously the guides have a food budget to adhere to depending on your requests, had to pay a bit extra for some extra drinks but that was understandable and fine. Very full after all that! Asuka also emailed a few other sights and restaurants to go to in our spare time. To sum up, this experience was well worth it and I would highly recommend using Cityunscripted and meeting the locals.

        February 2020

        Terry E

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