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The best Japan private tours & experiences with locals

If you’re looking for the best private Japan private tours, City Unscripted has got you covered. Our private tours of Japan open up this land of contrasts where world-famous cities congregate and the traditional and high-tech are intertwined. From 24-hour entertainment and flashing signs in futuristic Tokyo to the quaint cobbled streets of lantern-lit Kyoto, our private guided tours of Japan will reveal the unique personality of Japan’s diverse cities. In a full day, half a day, or just three hours, our private Japan tours paint a full and nuanced picture of the city you want to explore. Book a personalized experience with us, and see it all for yourself!

Local guide showing tourists around the iconic sights of Kobe Japan
Iconic cities

Visit any major city in Japan, and you’ll realize they share certain attractions. From Hiroshima to Fukuoka, no matter where you are on private guided tours of Japan, you’ll find jaw-dropping cityscapes, historic temples and shrines, and breathtaking natural beauty. But each city also brings its own list of distinctive attractions waiting to be discovered on Japan private tours. Between the high-octane entertainment of Tokyo and Osaka, the cultural richness of Kyoto and Kanazawa, and the unique atmosphere of Nagoya and Yokohama, private tours in Japan are any traveler’s paradise.

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Deciding where to go next while on a private tour of Japan
Explore Japan like a local

Anybody with a guidebook can explore a city’s famous landmarks. What makes our private tours in Japan special is our network of knowledgeable local guides, each of whom provides countless opportunities for you to uncover a city’s hidden gems and local haunts. Whether you discover the strength and resilience of the people in Hiroshima, shriek with laughter at Osaka’s wicked sense of humor, or end up in an hours-long conversation with Nagoya’s welcoming locals at an underground bar, we have the best private tours in Japan with locals to show you the true spirit and soul of a city.

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Discovering the most Instagrammable foods in Japan
Tours for every type of traveler

Are you fascinated by the food scene in Osaka, the “Nation’s Kitchen”, or do you want to discover century-old Western-influenced neighborhoods in Kobe? Does traditional Japanese culture in Kyoto appeal to you, or are you more interested in the neon lights and ramen joints of downtown Tokyo? Your Japan private tours; your choice! We believe the best private tours in Japan with locals are the ones perfectly tailored to you. That’s why all private guided tours of Japan with City Unscripted are 100% personalized and we won’t waste your time on experiences you won’t absolutely love.

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