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    Kyoto Food Tours

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      Kyoto Food Tours
      Kyoto Food Tours

      The best private food tours in Kyoto

      Kyoto’s 1000-year status as a culinary capital in Japan has earned it the nickname “Kitchen of the Imperial Court” – and if the city’s food is good enough for Japanese royalty, you’re bound to be impressed! Join a local guide on Kyoto food tours of this culinary haven adored across Japan for its focus on traditional flavors and fine dining. But don’t be fooled by the famously opulent food scene because Kyoto cuisine is tremendously varied, with something to suit every palate (and pocket). The best food in Kyoto is found at restaurants, markets, tea rooms, izakayas, cafés, and even convenience stores – and you can discover it all and more on one of our unforgettable Kyoto food tours.

      Kyoto Food Tours
      Try local delicacies

      From seafood-stuffed balls under a bed of unfurling bonito flakes to Tako Tamago – a quail egg-stuffed octopus that simultaneously looks exactly how you’d expect and nothing like you’d expect – the food scene you’ll uncover on Kyoto food tours can’t be experienced anywhere else. Our food tours in Kyoto give you the ultimate GPS, guidebook, and menu decipherer: a local guide! You’ll be able to find all the flavors and food experiences that locals love, like slurping up fragrant green tea noodles at a humble eatery and snacking on Gyoza dumplings as the sun sets over Kamo River.

      Kyoto Food Tours
      Modest, modern and Michelin-starred

      From traditional Kaiseki fit for a king to all-you-can-eat sushi at a 100-yen restaurant, Kyoto’s food scene may be famous, but it’s certainly not pretentious. The city is home to some of the best restaurants in Japan, so it comes as a surprise that the most memorable food tours in Kyoto will take you to places you’d never expect. On our Kyoto food tours, follow your local guide to foodie hubs adored by locals, like 400-year-old Nishiki Market (a street food paradise), or sit down for a traditional tea ceremony with sweet wagashi confections and Kyoto’s high-quality uji matcha tea.

      Kyoto Food Tours
      Satisfy your sweet tooth

      Kyoto has perfected the art of dessert, and you’ll find sugar in every conceivable form on food tours of Kyoto. This is the place to be if you have an insatiable sweet tooth. With your local host leading your ultimate Kyoto food tour, you’ll taste all the unique treats that can only be found here. Book our “Traditional Japanese sweet tasting experience” to sample fascinating foods that Kyoto has been crafting for hundreds of years. Try Wagashi (bite-sized, pastel-colored confections), chewy Mochi, and earthy matcha in the form of ice-cream, cakes, cookies, and more!

      Latest reviews from our guests

        Excellent walking and public transport tour Helped us find spots we didn’t even know existed. Our guide was most informative about history and also everyday life in Japan.

        March 2020

        Peter E

        We thoroughly enjoyed our walking tour of Kyoto despite the rain! Our guide Giada took us to three main sites of interest and a great market. Her English was perfect and we ate in a locals place for lunch. Highly recommend.

        March 2020

        Susan C

        Juraj (pronounced “your I”) was an absolutely amazing tour guide. He catered the tour to the types of sites we wanted to see and was so knowledgeable about the sites, the history, and the legends. We had ample time at each location and learned so much about the area. In addition to the tour highlights, he showed us little local places to eat, to shop, and to explore. At day’s end, he recommended a fantastic local hot pot restaurant, which was both delicious and reasonable. Definitely ask for Juraj on your next tour of Kyoto, Tokyo, or Osaka. In addition to being a great guide, he is also a really nice and interesting person, which made the day fly by.

        February 2020

        Eric G

        As a solo traveler, I visited Kyoto, Japan with City Unscripted tour guide Tess Liu. She is a fun, energetic and passionate about travel. As a personal tour guide, she listened to my interests and put together a personalized tour which was fun filled and amazing. She took me to all the important and well known places that make Kyoto unique. Tess loves to travel herself, and you can see and feel her passion. A native of Taiwan, She is a young and vibrant women who immerses herself in the history and culture of every place she lives. She shared interesting information about every place we visited, down to the special sequence of how to ring the huge bell at a shrine to ward off bad luck and bring good luck into your life. Tess explained the difference between shrines and temples, and made sure to point those differences out when we were at each shrine or temple. We even went to Fukushima Inari, the shrine of a thousand Tori gates at night to see it in all her glory! At the Golden Palace, she told me about the story of a successful man who build an empire, and his greedy grandson who tried to outdo him with no success. Tess takes the time to customize each tour, City Unscripted had me fill out a questionnaire and paired me up with Tess. She knew I was a Foodie, and took me to Nishiki Market, pointed out the different and interesting foods she thought I would enjoy. Tess even threw in a wonderful surprise, after hiking up to the top of Bamboo Groove, she took me to a wonderful foot bath before we continued on our way, a great break for tired and weary feet!! We finished with a amazing dinner of wonderful new delights at a Izakiya in the train station before parting ways. And she made sure I got on the right train. I had the BEST tour with Tess Liu. I have definitely made a friend for life!! We went to so many places, I know I would not been able to find on my own in just one day. We took trains and buses which made for a unique tour. You will have an truly adventure with Tess, she will amaze you!!

        February 2020

        Ellen G

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