Tourists enjoying a meal with a local guide at a busy restaurant in Japan

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Japan has quickly risen up the ranks as one of the most popular food destinations in the world – and for very good reason. With an emphasis on fresh, healthy ingredients and flavors that range from light and subtle to super-bold, Japanese cuisine can be tremendously varied, with something to suit every palate. Perfectly prepared traditional Japanese food – found at restaurants, markets, cash-only counters, izakaya, cafés, and even convenience stores – is overflowing across the country and you can discover it all on one of our Japan food tours. From familiar favorites like sushi and soba to the unfamiliar, unexpected specialties unique to each individual city, Japanese cuisine is utterly, mind-blowingly delicious.

Tourists experiencing a local chef preparing okonomiyaki in Osaka
A countrywide culinary adventure

From traditional Kaiseki in magical Kyoto and Okonomiyaki in Osaka to Fukuoka’s tonkotsu ramen and perfectly marbled Kobe beef (not to mention the lesser-known Sapporo “soup curry”), each of Japan’s cities has its own regional Japanese cuisine. Whether you snack on Omicho croquettes at a market dubbed the “Kitchen of Kanazawa”, sample Momiji Manjū – a creative take on the traditional rice cake – in Hiroshima or sit down for a typical Japanese breakfast of Nagoya-style miso soup and rice, Japanese cuisine consistently delivers on out-of-this-world flavor no matter where your Japan food tour takes you.

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Typical food store in Kyoto
The traditional food market mecca

A food tour in Japan would be incomplete without jostling through the narrow, maze-like alleys of a local market – and there are a lot to choose from. The range of food markets in Japan is as diverse as Japanese cuisine itself and can be found hidden away underground in shopping centers, popping up in parks, or attracting locals year-round. At these markets throughout the country, you’ll find all sorts of incredible Japanese cuisine, from fresh seafood to sit-down meals to popular street food (and plenty of sweets!) – but more than that, you’ll get a true snapshot of local life.

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Tourists enjoying a meal at a yatai with a local on a food tour of Fukuoka
Modest, modern and Michelin-starred

Perhaps you’ll tuck into Yakitori skewers at a night market in Fukuoka, or grab a bowl of ramen at a tiny 10-seater restaurant in Yokohama. Or maybe you’ll indulge in a 5-star-rated meal in Tokyo – the city with more Michelin stars than any other in the world. Japanese cuisine can be found in every type of environment. The best places to eat range from ramshackle restaurants that specialize in one thing and one thing only to sleek, sophisticated eateries serving trendy fusion fare. Whatever – and wherever – you eat, one rule of Japanese cuisine applies: it’s bound to taste sublime.

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