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    Kobe Food Tours

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      Kobe Food Tours
      Kobe Food Tours

      The best private food tours & experiences with locals

      When you think of Japan’s most famous places, Kobe probably doesn’t make the top five. But if the country’s most underrated city happens to be on your bucket list, you’re in for a surprise. Join City Unscripted for food tours of Kobe that take you from forested mountains to a festive port, where the cuisine is bound to be spectacular wherever you eat it. Pull on your stretchiest pants and join a local guide to eat your way through Kobe’s most popular food spots. No matter where you end up – whether an upmarket eatery, a steakhouse serving marbled Kobe beef, a traditional market, or a no-frills standing bar – food tours in Kobe promise an unforgettable experience.

      Kobe Food Tours
      Kobe for food-lovers

      Japan is a world culinary capital, and Kobe is one of the reasons for it (if you’ve experienced Kobe beef, you know why!). On Kobe food tours, we set you up with a local guide who’s spent years exploring their hometown’s food scene, and they’re 100% qualified to share the best of it with you. There are so many different ways to experience the city’s food and drink culture on Kobe food tours, from famous bakeries and cool cafés to trendy bars and ritzy restaurants – not to mention a couple of sake breweries! Just let us know what you’d like to eat and we’ll do the rest.

      Kobe Food Tours
      Try Kobe specialties

      From sushi to ramen, you’ll find virtually all of Japan’s favorites in Kobe – but the city also has a few unique tricks hidden up its sleeve. On Kobe food tours, you’ll find there’s more to the city than world-famous beef. In fact, Kobe is filled with food experiences you couldn’t have anywhere else in the world. Feeling adventurous? Good, because food tours of Kobe can be anything but ordinary! You might try a 27-inch sausage on a mustard roll, or sample sand eels boiled in soy sauce. Bring an open mind and an empty stomach and who knows what culinary delights you could find?

      Kobe Food Tours
      The tastiest tour

      On Kobe food tours with City Unscripted, we’ll make sure you squeeze in some sightseeing while sampling plenty of truly delicious bites. Your local host will point out some of the city’s top attractions while simultaneously giving you the perfect excuse to try some of the best food in Kobe. Book our “Eat like a local in Kobe” experience for a walking tour fueled by the freshest shellfish, mouthwatering bar snacks, local delicacies, and even some famous cheesecake! You’ll appreciate the beauty and history of the city while getting to know its one-of-a-kind food scene.

      Latest reviews from our guests

        Keiko was our personal guide during our tour and we are very satisfied with her level of professionalism and commitment to what she is doing. Almost one month before our planned visit to Kobe, she began to correspond with us to know more about our expectations and our desires regarding the visit. It was very important to us that our guide interacted with us ahead of our trip to Kobe since 1)we only had a half-day to discover the town 2)it is our first time visiting and maybe the last one as travelling from our country to Japan is a very expensive trip. Keiko planned everything according to our desires and our visit went smoothly on the scheduled date even though it was raining most of the time. These were the highlights of our visit: the old foreign areas on the hills, the Herb Garden that was accessed with a ropeway, the Meriken Park, the point of the impact of the 1995 earthquake and the luxurious department stores alley. Using the public transport (bus) was an interesting experience for us. Keiko took us back to the Kobe Shinkansen station and guided us to the Kobe Beef Gallery that we would have not missed. Our warmest thanks to Keiko for having helped us to know more about Kobe in a very short time and for having welcomed us into her hometown. The concept of having a local as a guide is very important and reassuring for any (inter)national visitor to an unknown and resilient town, such as Kobe. Best wishes to Keiko. Hope to meet her again in the future.

        February 2020


        We were extremely happy with the appointed local tour guide Mr. Hiroki Katsuno in Kobe. He was very helpful and gave us a lot of information about the city. Special thanks to him for his kindness and warm hospitality.

        January 2020

        Jessie L

        We successfully met our guide, Keiko, as arranged and she was a delightful guide to aspects of Kobe that we would never have considered. We started with the old foreign quarter and then took the rope way up to the Herb Garden. We used public transport to get us about and again Keiko was able to navigate us successfully from place to place. We finished in the” MERIKEN Park” and were impressed by the memorial to the Earthquake. After an enjoyable four hours Keiko helped us to find our way back to the cruise terminal using the free shuttle. A truly enjoyable and informative tour.

        November 2019

        Julia B

        We thoroughly enjoyed our personal tour through Kobe city with Keiko. The communication prior to our tour was exceptional. On the day of our tour, Keiko took us to areas of Kobe famous for it's history and sites. Keiko's knowledge base of Kobe was extensive and made easy for us to understand given her perfect english. We loved our day with Keiko and would highly recommend this tour for people with limited time that wish to see Kobe.

        September 2019

        Catherine P

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