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    Food Tours In Barcelona

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      Tourist dining on a seafood platter in Barcelona with a local
      Tourist dining on a seafood platter in Barcelona with a local

      The best private food tours and experiences in Barcelona

      Barcelona has a food scene fueled by tradition, modern influences, and unbridled creativity. Catalan cuisine is a colorful patchwork quilt of textures and tastes, with small plates at tiny tapas bars ranging from simple, tasty dishes to bold, complex flavors. Barcelona food tours are a discovery of the city’s heritage through its world-renowned cuisine. Between authentic bodega, futuristic fusion restaurants, and hole-in-the-wall pintxo bars, foodies are bound to be overwhelmed with choice. Luckily, our food tours give you a bonus that a guidebook never could: a food-obsessed local guide to lead you to the best food in Barcelona to suit your palate.

      Tourists enjoying Mercat de la Boqueria on a food tour in Barcelona
      The Catalan culinary heritage

      Traditional cuisine in this region is a true celebration of the Mediterranean. Fresh seafood, small game, excellent olive oil, and a (very) generous amount of garlic almost always feature in the best food in Barcelona. Each local dish reveals something unique about the city. Classic dishes showcase its culinary creativity, with several featuring unusual or surprising combinations – like fideuà, Barcelona’s take on paella that uses vermicelli noodles as the base. Our Barcelona food tours will help you tick off new tastes and learn about the Catalan culture in the process.

      A plate of fresh food from a food tour in Barcelona
      Barcelonian tapas at its most traditional

      If there’s one Catalan food trend that’s truly taken over the world, it’s tapas. These small plates of bite-sized deliciousness originated in Spain, so it goes without saying that Barcelona does it best. In fact, Barcelona food tours might very easily turn into tapas tours. Cozy tapas bars are scattered throughout the city, welcoming locals for pre-dinner snacks and drinks. Most of these casual hang-outs don’t even have a menu, so your local insider will come in handy for deciphering each dish! (Be sure to try favorites like fried squid and bread rubbed with olive oil, tomato, and garlic.)

      View of a restaurant on a food tour in Barcelona
      From humble markets to Michelin meals

      Food tours in Barcelona reveal a simple truth: nothing about this city’s culinary culture is pretentious. Although the new school of local chefs has given Barcelona a reputation for molecular gastronomy, high-end dining is never stuffy – the atmosphere in a 5-star restaurant is as warm and inviting as the 15-seat tapas bar next door. Our food tours through the city’s gastronomic gems uncover spectacular cuisine everywhere from buzzing market stalls and no-frills bars to trendy cafés and upmarket eateries, all of which make the experience of eating in Barcelona such a delight.

      Latest reviews from our guests

        We had an 8 hours walking tour with Jonathan. From our initial meet and greet moment, he was very welcoming. It definitely felt like a stroll through Barcelona key attractions and areas with a friend. The best thing about it was we walked without any rigid plan and we could spend as long as we wanted at any given venue. Jonathan was frank enough to say he didn’t know answers to all of the questions cos principally he is a “host” not a professional 9-5 tour guide! We really appreciated this. Apart from the obvious key tourist attractions, Jonathan will also show you more localized places that the true locals visit too if you so wish. Overall a highly recommended walk tour and more specifically Jonathan is the host for Barcelona!! Great stuff!!

        October 2019

        Nob S

        Jonathan gave us a great overview of Barcelona as we walked through the different areas of the city. He gave us a brief summary of the different regions as we walked. He was able to adapt to our needs as a family with kids in their twenties as well as us in our 50's. Questions about society and politics were answered as we walked. Thanks again!

        May 2019

        Sally M

        Jonathan was such a pleasure. Easy to get to know. So funny and humorous. Has lived in Barcelona for many years and knew much of what someone visiting would find interesting. Spent the entire day with us and didn't "rush". I would highly recommend using Jonathan if visiting the city. We felt like we had made a friend by the end of the day!

        April 2019

        Kelly C

        We had a great time. Jonathan knows the city, shared his knowedge as an old friend. It was a memorable adventure.

        November 2018

        Brandon R

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