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    Top Things To Do In Madrid

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      Tourist couple posing in a lush green park on a sunny day in Madrid
      Tourist couple posing in a lush green park on a sunny day in Madrid

      Wondering what to do in Madrid?

      The energy in Madrid is like nowhere on earth, and it’s easy for the seductive Spanish capital to bewitch you with its buzzing nightlife, beautiful medieval architecture, and artistic heritage spanning centuries. The myriad things to do in Madrid will enchant any type of traveler, from art- and architecture-lovers to culinary connoisseurs to rowdy revelers. But the city is anything but predictable, and you might find that some of the most memorable things to do in Madrid – taking sunlit siestas, eating churros for breakfast, planning day trips to ancient neighbors, and browsing tiny boutiques – aren’t necessarily the ones you’ll find on a top 10 travel list.

      Tourists exploring a popular neighborhood in Madrid with a local
      Art and architecture for the ages

      The city is a paradise for art-lovers – exploring its world-class museums and galleries is one of the most exciting things to do in Madrid. Madrid’s enviable art scene is spilling over not only with masterpieces by home-grown icons Goya and Velázquez, but famous works by other Spanish painters like Picasso and Dalí. The city’s stunning architecture itself is part of its artistic appeal. From medieval mansions and opulent royal palaces to Baroque buildings and sleek, contemporary angles, Spain’s rich architectural history is proudly on display as the beautiful backdrop for Madrid.

      Tourists enjoying tapas at a local tapas bar in Madrid with a local guide
      Spanish food at its finest

      From paella in Valencia to the hearty casseroles of Cataluña, Spain’s cities have their own regional cuisines – and Madrid is the place you’ll find them all. Spain’s six national roads meet in the heart of Madrid, so it’s no surprise the city’s food scene represents flavors from all over Spain. Whether you head to an old-school tapas bar for century-old Spanish snacks like patatas bravas and Iberian ham or try out trendy fusion food and experimental tasting menus at upmarket restaurants doing fearless riffs on the classics, the food-related things to do in Madrid are equally delicious.

      Tourists crossing a road on a night out in a vibrant neighborhood in Madrid
      The city after sunset

      When night falls, the list of things to do in Madrid only gets longer. You might join locals for a convivial feast under a centuries-old ceiling (or grab some traditional Spanish snacks at a tiny tapas bar), before getting swept along in a tide of happy revelers on their way to the city’s pulsating clubs, cozy bars, and cool cocktail lounges. Dancing until dawn not quite your scene? There are plenty of equally exciting things to do in Madrid at night. See a flamenco show, visit a museum, or simply stroll down twinkling city streets where restaurant tables spill out onto the sidewalks.

      Latest reviews from our guests

        Gaining insights into the local citizen’s lives, priorities, and Spain’s place in the world. We also got a rooftop view of Madrid which was spectacular.

        May 2024

        Paul M

        Our tour of Madrid was an unforgettable experience. From the iconic Oso y el Madroño, we explored the city's history and cultural treasures. Mariña's expertise brought landmarks like the grand palace and the breathtaking opera house to life. Her captivating storytelling immersed us in Madrid's past. We enjoyed a visit to a hidden gem—a quaint taverna tucked away in a picturesque corner. It provided a perfect place to relax and savor local flavors. The tour also included a visit to the Museo de Historia de Madrid, deepening our understanding of the city's heritage. This must-do tour combined rich insights, well-chosen locations, and hidden gems. Thanks to Mariña, we left with a newfound appreciation for Madrid and an eagerness to explore more.

        April 2024

        Ange & Kevin T

        Had a lovely tour with Gonzalo. It was a cold morning but surely he made it a fun walk. Gonzalo contacted us prior to the tour have brief understanding on our expectation. He was flexible and adjusted to our pace and preference. He surely delivered and from the heart. Plus point, he took very nice pictures! Recommended!

        October 2023

        Luly J

        Knows his history. If you love to walk then Antonio is your guide.

        October 2023

        Charlene R

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