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Explore rich architectural heritage, iconic cuisine, and an underground entertainment scene in São Paulo.

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      “We felt like we were spending time with a friend who wanted us to experience the best of her hometown.”

      “Possibly the best single day tour my wife and I have ever had and we have traveled a lot.”

      “The wonder of this tour is you can change paths at any moment. It was exactly what I wanted, even when I didn’t know I wanted it.”

      “We saw as much as was possible as the tour was built around the attractions that were important to us. Would highly recommend.”

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      The best things to do in Brazil

      The best things to do in Brazil

      Brazil is a city saturated in color in every sense of the word: White-sand beaches, red-rock canyons, and rainforests blanketed in dense greenery contribute to some of the most diverse terrain on the planet, each biome hosting its own selection of jewel-toned birds and magnificent mammals and marsupials. But the country’s beauty certainly doesn’t end here – the multifaceted appeal of its sprawling landscapes extends into its cities. The Brazilian experience can look a number of different ways depending on where your exploration occurs. São Paulo is a city of rich architectural heritage, arthouse cinemas, and underground nightlife, while Salvador, set along lush tropical coastline, is a celebration of unique Afro-Brazilian culture and fascinating heritage, where the list of things to do is endless. And then, or course, there’s Rio de Janeiro, the samba-infused center of the raucous Carnaval, and a hive of flamboyant activity and fantastic food, all with the backdrop of utterly cinematic scenery.

      Private tours in Brazil
      Private tours in Brazil

      Whether you’re attracted to the unique Afro-Brazilian heritage of Salvador, the samba-fueled energy of Rio de Janeiro or the stunning architecture of São Paulo, let City Unscripted plan a personalized experience in Brazil with your interests in mind. Our range of private tours in Brazil, from food tours to full-day experiences, are all expertly tailored to you by a team of passionate local guides who have uncovered every inch of their city. It’s no secret Brazil has a vast selection of spectacular tourist attractions, with landmarks like Christ the Redeemer and rainforested national parks often packed with crowds – but on private tours with City Unscripted, we’ll take you off the tourist trail to the places locals love. Brazil is filled with homegrown hives of activity that are often overlooked by tourists, and these are the places that truly celebrate the extent of the country’s diversity. Set aside your guidebook and let someone who calls Brazil home take the reins on your unforgettable private tour. Discover hidden gems found off the beaten track, from backstreet bars to quaint neighborhoods loved by residents, and see the city through a local lens. The real Brazil is ready for you!