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Big Ben to Tower Bridge
New Full day

Sunrise to sunset: the ultimate Cartagena experience

Take all day to dance to the rhythm of a city pulsating with culture.

$40.56 per person

8 hours

Big Ben to Tower Bridge
New Half day

Half-day heaven in the Jewel of the Indies

From foot-stamping salsa to streets bursting with art, you'll soon see why Cartagena is magical

$29.56 per person

4 hours

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Private tours in Cartagena

Whether you have a full day or just three hours to spend on a private tour of Colombia’s iconic port city set along the Caribbean coast, our local hosts will help you make the most of your time. This historic fishing village, dating back to the 16th century, is a perfectly preserved picture of the past, filled with unforgettable attractions and world-famous sights. But at City Unscripted, we believe that a truly immersive travel experience is one that lets you explore more than just the must-sees. On a private tour of Cartagena with us, you’ll get to see the city like a local. Our knowledgeable guides are intimately familiar with every cobbled path and hidden corner, and they can’t wait to share it with curious travelers like you. Grab a cup of coffee from a quant café or some tropical fruit from a tiny stall and get ready to discover the spirit, soul, and rhythm of Cartagena. From full-day experiences to food tours, every type of traveler will be catered to on walking tours of Cartagena with our passionate local insiders. Whatever attracts you to this stunning city – whether history, culture, or cuisine – we’ll tailor a tour that shows you everything you want to see and more.

Private tours in Cartagena

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