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    Tours with locals in Barcelona

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      Tourists exploring Barcelona with a local guide
      Tourists exploring Barcelona with a local guide

      The best Barcelona private tours & experiences with locals

      With breathtaking natural beauty, architectural treasures spanning two millennia, and a food scene to rival culinary capitals across the globe, Barcelona is a treat for any type of traveler. Our Barcelona tours with locals let you experience Spain’s most colorful city beyond must-sees like the Sagrada Familia and the gorgeous Gothic Quarter. Experience the spirit and soul of Barcelona on our exciting tours with locals who can show you exactly what makes their home special. Discover the charismatic neighborhoods in the heart of the city, visit hole-in-the-wall haunts, grab a bite at a traditional tapas bar – and explore the Barcelona only locals get to see.

      Tourist admiring the architecture of a building in the Gothic Quarter
      Discover the best of Barcelona

      The best experiences in Barcelona are so much more varied than what you’d find on a top-10 travel list. From boisterous backstreet cava bars to brassy jazz basements to happy hour cocktails on a sprawling terrace, the things that make the city great are all simple snapshots of the local lifestyle. While it’s easy to get caught up in the tourist traps and miss out on the city’s authenticity, the most memorable experiences are the ones that reveal Barcelona’s unique culture. Our City Unscripted tours with locals playing the role of GPS, guidebook, and Google Translate, no experience is off-limits.

      Local guide showing tourists different architectural features of a building in Barcelona
      From highlights to hidden gems

      Want to squeeze in as many of the city’s top sights as possible? Whether you have a full day, half a day, or just three hours, our tours by locals in Barcelona will help you make the most of your time. See Barcelona’s most impressive attractions on a whirlwind experience of its must-sees – or get a glimpse into the city’s secret side. Uncover hidden gems on our tours with locals: the humble tapas bars that serve the best of Barcelonian cuisine; the unfamiliar neighborhoods with the coolest characters; and the viewpoints that show the city’s landmarks from an entirely new perspective

      Tourist admiring the beautiful statue at Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona
      Travel to suit your style

      Everyone’s Barcelona bucket list looks a little different: maybe you’re ready to soak up centuries of beautiful buildings, or maybe you’re a bonafide foodie who wants to taste all the flavors of Barcelona at its restaurants and markets. Perhaps you’re most excited about learning fascinating stories of the city’s colorful past. Whatever it is that brings you to Barcelona, our tours with locals will be fully customized to you. Our likable guides come from all ages, backgrounds, and perspectives – between them, we’ll find the person who shares your passions and suits your travel style.

      Latest reviews from our guests

        Our family really enjoyed meeting with our host, Yana. We felt like we were meeting with a friend who wanted to us to experience the best of Barcelona. She was very kind and accommodating and taught us about various parts of the city. We learned so much from her and enjoyed getting to know her. I recommend City Unscripted for anyone visiting Barcelona for the first time and I also recommend Yana as their host. Thanks Yana!!

        February 2020

        Beth R

        Simona was a fantastic host, and planned the day completely around us, adapting it as we went along depending on our needs, and the changes in the weather! She was full of enthusiasm for this fantastic city and we packed a huge amount into a day without at any point feeling rushed.

        October 2019

        Sarah Y

        We had an 8 hours walking tour with Jonathan. From our initial meet and greet moment, he was very welcoming. It definitely felt like a stroll through Barcelona key attractions and areas with a friend. The best thing about it was we walked without any rigid plan and we could spend as long as we wanted at any given venue. Jonathan was frank enough to say he didn’t know answers to all of the questions cos principally he is a “host” not a professional 9-5 tour guide! We really appreciated this. Apart from the obvious key tourist attractions, Jonathan will also show you more localized places that the true locals visit too if you so wish. Overall a highly recommended walk tour and more specifically Jonathan is the host for Barcelona!! Great stuff!!

        October 2019

        Nob S

        Karla was excellent! This was my first time in Barcelona and we managed to cover a lot in one day. She was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and made me feel welcomed. I will definitely recommend Karla and City Unscripted to whoever wants a personalized experience in Barcelona.

        September 2019

        Maria Elena A

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