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      Tourists enjoying a night out with a local
      Tourists enjoying a night out with a local

      The best private tours & experiences with locals

      There’s no better way to explore a city than with a like-minded local by your side. Our tours with locals in major world cities let you discover the spirit and soul of a city with someone who can show you what makes it special beyond the iconic sights and famous landmarks. Uncover the hidden gems loved by locals: the hole-in-the-wall restaurants that serve the best traditional cuisine; the neighborhoods with the most unique characters; the breathtaking viewpoints that show the city from a different perspective. Wherever in the world your travels take you, tours by locals make a city so much more than just another vacation destination: they become a second home.

      Tourist exploring the streets of Paris with a local guide
      Discover the city beyond a guidebook

      On our tours with locals, no experience is off-limits. Perplexing maps? Tangled public transport? Chalkboard menus in an unfamiliar alphabet? None of these pose a problem when you have a walking, talking GPS, Google Translate, and guidebook by your side. Our tours are hosted by real locals so inevitably they go far beyond the attractions on a top 10 travel list. With a local guide to lead the way, the sides of a city usually reserved for its residents open themselves up to you. By experiencing a city through the eyes of someone who lives there, you’ll get the intimate, nuanced portrait of its personality and culture.

      Tourists exploring unique stores in Tokyo with a local
      An easy way to travel consciously

      Tours with locals can help you build a deep cultural understanding of a country and make the most informed decisions on your trip while still having a blast. Your ethical travel choices contribute to changing the world for the better. With help from your guide, you’ll be able to learn some of the language, understand how to communicate, and find out about the local chefs, vendors, and artisans that deserve your support. Tours designed by locals give travelers invaluable insight into a country’s customs and traditions, helping you travel in a way that’s both respectful and earns respect.

      Local showing a tourist where to get the best street food in Japan
      Like-minded locals leading the way

      Are you an architecture aficionado who wants to bask in iconic landmarks on our Paris tours with locals, or a fanatic foodie who dreams of sampling every type of taco on tours by locals in Mexico City? Maybe you’re a history buff who’s eager to uncover Rome’s secret past on your private tour with a local. No matter what type of traveler you are, we’ll pair you with a local insider who shares your interests and can show you the very best their city has to offer. Our network of diverse local guides come from all ages and backgrounds – between them, we’ll find the perfect friend to suit your travel style.

      Latest reviews from our guests

        She made the day truly enjoyable and nice to see all sides of the Amsterdam city. We only wish we could remember all the interesting facts she shared with us

        June 2023

        Michael K

        Walking around with Fayez was like walking and talking with a friend, well-informed about history and the best places to see

        June 2023

        Wolfram v

        If you get Daria as your tour guide, you will not be disappointed. She is such a very kind person. She showed took us to neat places that you would never have even found had you just walked around on your own. She had good suggestions for places to eat as well. We are so glad we booked this tour. Private tours are the way to go. Although it's more expensive, it's a way more personal experience. No having to try to squish your way through 20 or more other strangers to be up front with your tour guide. We did that in Rome and we will never do that again. I was especially grateful that Daria kept in touch and helped us during our whole time in Italy and Greece. Giving suggestions, advice and numbers to her contacts. That was a great added touch! When you're so far away from home, it's a welcome surprise when you find someone who makes you feel like family and who is willing to help with anything you need. Until next time Daria. You went above and beyond! Take good care

        June 2023

        Somsamay T

        Giacomo was a wonderful tour guide. He was so knowledgeable about the city of Bologna and had some very insightful views on that history and the impact it has had on today's citizens and visitors. We highly recommend this tour with Giacomo.

        June 2023

        Gayle M

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