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      Happy guests enjoying a tour of a new city with a local guide
      Happy guests enjoying a tour of a new city with a local guide

      The best private tours & experiences with locals

      Private tours with City Unscripted are the most unforgettable way to see the world. We make sure no experience is off-limits, whether we show you the Laurentian Library – Michelangelo’s least-visited architectural work – on private tours in Florence, or take you to a secret spot at the Seine where locals gather to dance at dusk on private tours in Paris. You could be interested in art, architecture, nightlife or food – book a day with us, and we’ll pair you with a local insider who shares your passions. From must-see sightseeing tours to food tours to experiences off the beaten track, get ready to explore a city like you’re visiting a friend who lives there.

      Group of tourists walking across Shibuya Crossing with a local guide on a tour of Tokyo
      45+ Spectacular cities

      From neon-lit nightlife on private tours of Japan to art- and culture-packed private tours of Italy, City Unscripted invites you to explore amazing countries around the world with knowledgeable local guides. Our personalized tours in over 45 iconic cities around the world are the ideal way to experience a new place. Whether you soak up the sunshine on private tours of Lisbon, uncover centuries of culture on private tours in London, or swivel your head between Silicon Valley start-ups on private tours in San Francisco, the world is waiting to be discovered. Are you ready?

      Tourists enjoying a light meal and wine at a bistro while on a private tour
      Travel tailored to you

      On private tours of Tokyo, maybe you’ll uncover ancient temples and shrines, or perhaps you’re more interested in 24-hour karaoke bars and hole-in-the-wall bars. You could easily spend a day soaking up the iconic pub scene on private tours in Dublin, or maybe you’ll want to uncover the city’s literary history instead. Everyone has different interests, and private tours with City Unscripted bypass any boring bits and get straight to the good stuff. We know anyone with a guidebook can explore the top tourist sights – that’s why our private tours are 100% personalized to you!

      Tourist cycling with a local guide on rented bicycles of the tourist trail
      From top sights to off the tourist trail

      In any city, there are tourist sights that are totally unmissable. On private tours in Hong Kong, the Temple Street Night Market is a must-see, and on NYC private tours, skipping out on Times Square would be a crime! But what makes a destination truly memorable is the lesser-known sights that only a local would know about. Our private tours, led by our network of incredible local guides around the world, let you discover a city beyond its world-famous attractions. Whether you’re on private tours in Barcelona or Mexico City, you’ll get off the beaten path and uncover a city’s secret side.

      Latest reviews from our guests

        Jimmy was an amazing host. Planned my tour to fit exactly between my flights, helped me figure out where to leave my luggage (a few of them were closed in the airport) and is extremely knowledgeable about Singapore. I had an excellent time and I highly recommend him.

        December 2022

        Suzana J

        Sujeong was a great tour guide! I had already planned to see a lot on more traditional tours. She worked with me to find other things to see so I could see even more of Seoul! We went to Bongeunsa Temple, the Mural Village (lats of hilly walking) and a lot of other places. It was a lot of fun. I had some friends who wanted to join us as well, and it was no problem, just a small additional fee each.

        December 2022

        Lou H

        We could not have expected such a nice tour and see so much and experience Munich in just 8 hours as we did with Carlota. She was accommodating to our interest. We walked some rode the train and subway and public busses. We experienced joy and some sadness when we went to Dachau specially. We went to the English Park and had a great lunch. In the meantime Carlota made us feel like family and we shared both of our lives experiences. I highly recommend her. She speaks five languages and knows the history of Munich very well. There is so much to see in Munich that I would do it again when we go back.

        July 2022

        Alberto d

        Dear Taiga-san, Thank you very much for the Wonderfull day!. Very well organized and very enjoyable! Look forward for the next trip together!

        December 2022

        Jan C

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      Tourists enjoying a night out with a local

      The best tours with locals

      Tourists enjoying drinks with a local at a trendy night market in London

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