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    Tours with locals in Paris

    Tailoring each tour to your wishes by locals who love their city

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      Tourist enjoying a rainy day of exploring Paris with a local guide
      Tourist enjoying a rainy day of exploring Paris with a local guide

      The best Paris private tours & experiences with locals

      There’s no better way to explore the City of Lights than with a like-minded local by your side. Our tours with locals in Paris let you experience the city beyond the Eiffel Tower and Champs-Élysées. You won’t miss out on the top attractions, but you might see them from a different perspective – from a secret rooftop or a hidden bar loved by locals. Discover the soul of Paris on tours with locals who can show you what makes the city truly special. Explore the cobbled cafés that serve the best French pastries, the charismatic neighborhoods further from the city center – and get to know the Paris that only reveals itself to the people who call it home.

      Discovering hidden gems along the streets of Paris with a local
      Discover Paris beyond your guidebook

      On our tours with locals, you won’t ever be hindered by confusing maps, tangled public transport, or menus written in French. Your local guide is a walking, talking GPS and Google Translate who can answer any questions you have about navigating the city. Every city is so much more than its top 10 travel list. Our local guides will help you build a deep cultural understanding of Paris and France. By experiencing Paris on our tours with locals, you’ll gain invaluable insight into the city’s unique customs and traditions, getting a beautifully nuanced portrait of its personality in the process.

      Couple enjoying coffee with a local guide at a bistro in Paris
      A Paris tour for every type of traveler

      Whether you’re a history buff who wants to soak up every inch of Paris’s past, an architecture aficionado who wants to see as many landmarks as possible, or a fanatic foodie whose must-see attractions are restaurants, markets, and cafés, our Paris tours with locals will be personalized to you. Paris has something for everyone, and in our network of likable locals, we have someone who shares your passion and can show you the best their city has to offer. Our guides come from all ages, backgrounds, and perspectives – between them, we’ll find the perfect friend to suit your travel style.

      Seeing the famous sights in Paris on a private tour with a local guide
      From highlights to hidden gems

      In a city with more iconic attractions than you could see in an entire month, making the most of your time is a must. On our City Unscripted tours with locals in Paris, you’ll have plenty of help to squeeze in as many sights as possible, whether you have a full day, half a day, or just three hours to do it. But more than that, our tours with locals let you see Paris’ local haunts and lesser-known landmarks. It’s easy to get caught up in the tourist trap and lose sight of the city’s authenticity. Your local guide is eager to share the secret gems that make Paris so special to the people who call it home.

      Latest reviews from our guests

        We had a great tour with Roffy. She was a wonderful guide. Our kids enjoyed the tour which is big deal. lol

        November 2023

        Sally T


        November 2023

        Natalia I

        We enjoyed our private tour of the Montmartre area with Monty. In my mind so often the guide makes the tour and this review is because of him. While we had other experiences we enjoyed as much or more in Paris, Monty’s patience, kindness, and knowledge were wonderful. He picked us up at our hotel and showed us how to navigate the Underground. We also made a stop by the Louvre to see the area (another tour booked the next day with a different guide) and then we headed to Montmartre. My wife loved the small shops and restaurants we checked out along the journey and we talked about culture, art and history throughout the walk. Monty was patient as my wife stopped to look and he took some really nice pictures of us along the way, as well as making a list of must-see things for our visit to the Louvre. I believe he would have excelled even more once in the museum because of his love for art history on a different tour of that type. He reminded us lovingly of the humble, but brilliant Nate from Ted Lasso. The walk up from Moulin Rouge to the Sacre-Coeur Basilica was steep and on stone and we loved it, but I could see where those with very young children or elderly adults might find that more difficult. For my wife, the shops and restaurants along the way, as well as the plaza were all fantastic. Our journey was in the late afternoon so we loved seeing the city lights once the sun went down with the view from the Basilica - which was amazing and a must-see as well modern beauty of a church. Well done Monty.

        November 2023

        Chase H

        Jill was an amazing tour guide and we really enjoyed spending the day with her.

        November 2023

        Alexa G

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      Tourists dining with a local at a bistro in Paris

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      Tourists enjoying a day exploring Paris with a local guide

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