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    Hong Kong Food Tour

    Tailoring each tour to your wishes by locals who love their city

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      Hong Kong Food Tour
      Hong Kong Food Tour

      The best private food tours & experiences with locals

      With its impressive cityscape constructed from steel and glass and an energy unlike anywhere on earth, Hong Kong may be the dictionary definition of a modern metropolis, but its food culture is surprisingly homey! In this futuristic fantasy, there’s no lack of spectacular cuisine at sophisticated eaters and sleek cafés – but any local will tell you the best food in Hong Kong lies off the tourist trail. City Unscripted food tours of Hong Kong are the ultimate way to experience the best of the city’s fantastic cuisine. Led by a local insider who’s left no stone unturned in seeking out the city’s best bites, you’ll get an authentic experience of how people in Hong Kong like to eat.

      Hong Kong Food Tour
      Get to know Hong Kong

      Cantonese, Chinese, European and Southeast Asian cuisine all come together to contribute to Hong Kong’s inimitable culinary scene. Hong Kong food tours with City Unscripted aren’t just a discovery of flavors; they’re also a hands-on way to explore the city’s uniquely diverse culture. On food tours of Hong Kong, it doesn’t just end at dim sum. From roast goose to fried rice to fish balls in just about every form, the city’s food effortlessly takes you on a journey through Hong Kong’s fascinating history and unprecedented modern growth – all in the form of food!

      Hong Kong Food Tour
      Food tours to suit your taste

      What would a day in Hong Kong be without sampling some of the city’s iconic delicacies? Pull on your comfiest pants and strap on your walking shoes, because Hong Kong’s food scene stretches right across the city. Whether you stick to Kowloon, the authentic mainland area where all of the city’s most iconic dishes can be found at buzzing markets, or spend a night in classy Victoria Harbour for an experience of the city’s upmarket eateries and trendy bars, food tours in Hong Kong cater to any type of foodie – just tell us how you want to spend your day and we’ll make it happen!

      Hong Kong Food Tour
      Choose your own (food) adventure

      Our Hong Kong food tours are all tailored to you depending on what you’d like to taste. Book our “Hit the streets: Hong Kong’s food scene awaits!” tour to taste all the food Hong Kong is known for, including pineapple buns, tofu pudding, and something adventurous – snake soup! Or, book our super-fun “Eat like a ‘Crazy Rich Asian’” experience to try some of the food enjoyed in the popular book and film, like Yangzhou fried rice and egg tarts. Whatever you decide, we’ll make sure you see the iconic Temple Street Night Market – a must-visit for any unforgettable food tours in Hong Kong.

      Latest reviews from our guests

        It was a great experience. Cosmo is very nice and we learnt a lot about Hong Kong. We had the possibility to choose what we wanted to visit. I recommend this tour!

        November 2022

        Jessica Y

        Cosmo was an amazing guide! He was knowledgeable and entertaining. Teaching us about the culture and the people while still making us laugh. We enjoyed our day and he gave valuable tips that will help us make the most of our time in Hong Kong. He prepared a great day with a good mixture of iconic spots and local off the beaten path places that we would have never found on our own. He was punctual and super friendly, answering all our questions and adapting the itinerary to meet our needs. Definitely recommend!

        July 2022

        Marina D

        Cosmo was great! He prepared a great day for us with a good mixture of iconic spots and more local off the beaten path places. He answered all our questions and provided valuable information that will help us enjoy our time in Hong Kong. He was knowledgeable and entertaining; we learned a lot about the people and the culture but still had many laughs and enjoyed our day. He adapted to our needs and made us feel comfortable the whole time. Overall amazing experience, definitely recommend him.

        July 2022

        Marina D

        Yes, I’ve enjoyed it. He gave a very detailed historical background on Mong Kok. It was an interesting walkabout around the area. Thanks for the info.

        July 2021

        Christina L

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