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      Local guide pointing out famous buildings to a tourist from a viewpoint overlooking Hong Kong
      Local guide pointing out famous buildings to a tourist from a viewpoint overlooking Hong Kong

      Wondering what to do in Hong Kong?

      Hong Kong, a sprawling metropolis with an iconic steel and glass skyline made up of more skyscrapers than are found in any other city on earth, is a sensory feast in the truest sense. Wandering is always rewarded with a smorgasbord of incredible things to do in Hong Kong hidden around every corner. The downtown area is an inner-city playground kitted out with everything that makes a modern metropolis worth visiting, but away from the crowded city center, Hong Kong takes on a different appeal. Each enchanting neighborhood and island beckons with its own delightful things to do, while leafy mountains, sparkling ocean, and beautiful birdlife are just outside the city limits.

      Tourist enjoying the view of Hong Kong's skyscrapers from a lookout point on Victoria Peak
      A modern marvel

      Hong Kong is a thing of mind-blowing man-made beauty with an instantly recognizable skyline and a collection of world-famous skyscrapers. Many of the best things to do in Hong Kong are the things that make any futuristic metropolis a spectacular travel destination: fantastic food, amazing architecture, smooth transport, and beauty that becomes even more breathtaking at night. Whether you clatter along on a double-decker tram, shop up a storm at glitzy malls, or trawl a vast collection of museums and galleries, the things to do in Hong Kong are perfect snapshots of big city life.

      Tourist enjoying a scenic boat ride from Hong Kong's harbor
      More than a metropolis

      Hong Kong isn’t all bright lights and sharp angles. What truly sets the city apart, in fact, is its natural beauty – the glittering Victoria Harbor, volcanic sea arches, and sprawling green spaces. Some of the best things to do in Hong Kong take place outside the city itself, in its leafy mountains and country parks. Hong Kong is also rich in culture – a combination of traditional Chinese roots, colonial influences, and Hong Kong’s own indigenous contributions. From traditional celebrations to the distinctive drumbeat of a dragon boat, glimpses of the city’s culture can be caught everywhere.

      Local guide showing tourists around the streets of Hong Kong at night
      Hong Kong by night

      Hong Kong is double as dazzling when the sun sets, and the list of things to do becomes longer. When you’re able to tear your eyes away from the mesmerizing city lights, explore the city’s nightlife districts, where buzzing venues range from dive bars to the swankiest clubs. If you’re not into the party scene, simply try some of the other things to do in Hong Kong at night. Atmospheric night markets are an excuse to sample the most famous of the city’s culinary offerings, from Hong Kong-style fish balls in satay sauce to dim sum prepared by a hawker who has perfected the art.

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        It was a great experience. Cosmo is very nice and we learnt a lot about Hong Kong. We had the possibility to choose what we wanted to visit. I recommend this tour!

        November 2022

        Jessica Y

        Cosmo was an amazing guide! He was knowledgeable and entertaining. Teaching us about the culture and the people while still making us laugh. We enjoyed our day and he gave valuable tips that will help us make the most of our time in Hong Kong. He prepared a great day with a good mixture of iconic spots and local off the beaten path places that we would have never found on our own. He was punctual and super friendly, answering all our questions and adapting the itinerary to meet our needs. Definitely recommend!

        July 2022

        Marina D

        Cosmo was great! He prepared a great day for us with a good mixture of iconic spots and more local off the beaten path places. He answered all our questions and provided valuable information that will help us enjoy our time in Hong Kong. He was knowledgeable and entertaining; we learned a lot about the people and the culture but still had many laughs and enjoyed our day. He adapted to our needs and made us feel comfortable the whole time. Overall amazing experience, definitely recommend him.

        July 2022

        Marina D

        In this experience, I took 2 girls to look around Hong Kong. Introducing Hong Kong in different way, clothing, dining, living, and travelling.

        October 2020

        Benedict C

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