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    Private Tour Guides In Sydney

    Tailoring each tour to your wishes by locals who love their city

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      Private Tour Guides In Sydney
      Private Tour Guides In Sydney

      The best private guides and local insiders in Sydney

      Planning a trip to Australia’s prettiest city but not sure where to begin? What you need to take the stress out of your travel planning is the best private tour guides in Sydney to create a tailored itinerary for you – and City Unscripted offers exactly that. The diverse local hosts who lead our unforgettable private tours in Sydney are passionate about their city, and among them, we’ll easily find the person who shares your passions and travel style. There’s nobody better than a local to show you the best of the city than a private tour guide in Sydney who’s uncovered every inch of it. What are you waiting for? Book a personalized experience with City Unscripted today!

      Private Tour Guides In Sydney
      A range of top-notch tours

      You could be the type of traveler who wants to seek out sights like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge on a must-see experience, or perhaps you’re interested in attractions off the beaten path on a secret gems tour. Maybe your perfect private tours in Sydney will have you uncovering the quaint café culture in Paddington. Whether you have a full day or just a few hours to experience the city with our private tour guides in Sydney, we’ll make the most of every minute. Whatever you decide, you’ll have the best private tour guides in Sydney to show you exactly what you want to see.

      Private Tour Guides In Sydney
      Flexible tours tailored to you

      In a city whose attractions range from pristine nature and sparkling beaches to speaker-shaking nightlife and big-city bustle, everybody’s bucket list looks different. Luckily, you’ll have our private tour guides in Sydney to structure a personalized itinerary based around whatever you want to see and do. Our local insiders take the time to get familiar with your personality and your interests to create the best private tours in Sydney for you. And if you change your mind mid-tour? There’s nobody more qualified than our private guides in Sydney to switch things up on the spot.

      Private Tour Guides In Sydney
      Sydney beyond your guidebook

      Sydney is known for its breathtaking beauty, from jewel-toned cockatoos and bush-fringed beaches to sun-soaked streets and manicured gardens. But with private tour guides in Sydney by your side, you’ll see that the most incredible things to do in the city aren’t on any top 10 travel list. It won’t be difficult to spend weeks exploring top tourist sights like Manly Beach and the historic buildings of George Street, but only with private guides in Sydney taking the reins can you discover the secret rooftop bars and tucked-away fish and chip shops no tourist could find alone.

      Latest reviews from our guests

        Malcolm was great! ~ Super knowledgeable and really gave us a good taste of the city. Highly recommend!

        September 2022

        Katherine B

        5* excellent

        July 2022

        Sebastian W

        Malcolm was outstanding. I learned a lot of history from him. He was also very accommodating as I needed to change my tour time due to work. Very kind too. Had a wonderful time! Now I need to come back and see Sydney under the sun! It was pouring when I was there!

        July 2022

        Priscila G

        My husband and I booked a Sydney Layover Tour with a Local on our way to Tasmania. We really only had a short stay between flights! Our tour guide John was on the ball. The company reached out early with plenty of time asking us for our interests. With the time and interests they crafted an itinerary for us to review and adjust as needed. John met us at the airport and helped us to navigate the public transportation and locate luggage storage, that he scoped out for us to use. John was a great tour guide for us! Very helpful and knowledgeable. I really felt I had a local guiding me. Good, friendly rapport, John made friends with everyone and generally enjoys talking with people. It was a very good introduction to how nice the people of Australia are! He is very into local activities and government and was happy to explain things to us that we would not have known about. When we walked down a street that had a historic display that was removed he immediately knew which city representative he was going to reach out as soon as the tour was done. From John I get the sense that the tour guides really care about the work they do and take a lot of pride in it. On the tour John showed us a lot of things he had paid out of pocket to preview in advance, and since he had gone the extra mile was able to explain to us what these locations were. For the tour itself it's important to remember that you are paying for the local guide, and any other activities are not included even the ones the guide has worked with you on to make your itinerary. My husband had planned it so I wasn't aware of that coming in to it. Despite the cost, for us to have our 10 hour layover (total to go through customs, and back through on a flight) and get a Sydney experience I think we got to see as much as we did because we had a local tour guide helping us get on trains, ferries, navigating walkways, etc. It would have taken us a lot of research and time to get an experience like we had on our tour in such a short time.

        April 2022

        Kimberly S

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