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Top Things To Do In Barcelona

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Wondering what to do in Barcelona?

The most beguiling of Spain’s cities, Barcelona gently slopes up from the sparkling sea to leafy wooded hills. The city is a masterpiece of both natural beauty and urban wonder, with art and architecture at its creative core. The things to do in Barcelona range from the medieval to the modern. You could soak up centuries-old architecture in the ancient Gothic Quarter, or shop up a storm at trendy boutiques and cool markets in the sun-dappled city center. But even though your days will be packed with activity, some of the most exciting things to do in Barcelona emerge as the sun sets and locals gather at rooftop bars for tapas and a glass of vermouth.

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Tourists enjoying the beautiful views of Barcelona below from Bunkers del Carmel
Highlights and hidden gems

Whether you want to marvel at beautiful buildings, eat the finest Spanish cuisine, or spend most of your time outdoors, everyone’s Barcelona bucket list looks a little different. Luckily, the things to do in Barcelona appeal to every type of traveler no matter what your interests are. The city certainly has its unmissable must-sees, from the iconic Sagrada Familia to ancient Roman temples. But between boisterous backstreet cava bars, brassy jazz basements, upmarket boutiques, and 2000 years of architectural triumphs, the city is brimming with a variety of unique, exciting things to do.

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Tourists enjoy fresh produce at a local market during a food tour of Barcelona
The best of Barcelonian cuisine

The Barcelona food scene is fueled by both tradition and modern influences – but it’s the city’s creativity that makes its cuisine truly memorable. Of all the things to do in Barcelona, exploring authentic bodega, humble markets, tiny tapa bars, futuristic fusion restaurants, and hole-in-the-wall pintxo bars are some of the very best. Each local dish – a riot of texture, taste, and color – reveals something unique about the city. Classic dishes showcase its culinary heritage, while upmarket, experimental restaurants manage to make 5-star dining in Barcelona a warm, welcoming affair.

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Tourists exploring the quiet streets of Barcelona with a local at night
Barcelona by night

When darkness falls, the things to do in Barcelona become even more exhilarating. You might start your evening with a glass of vermouth on a sprawling terrace as the last of the sun’s rays disappear, or grab a quick bite at a snack bar to line your stomach. From there, the night is yours. The list of things to do in Barcelona by night is as varied as the city’s visitors. Wander through cobbled streets, stopping at tapas bars with tables spilling out onto the sidewalk, dance the night away at an electrifying club, catch some live music, or bar-hop through an eclectic neighborhood.

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