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      Tourists riding on a tuk-tuk in Bangkok
      Tourists riding on a tuk-tuk in Bangkok

      Wondering what to do in Bangkok?

      Thailand’s capital city, a sprawling metropolis where the ancient and modern are harmoniously intertwined, is a sensory smorgasbord of sights, smells, and sounds with an atmosphere like nowhere on earth. The city rewards exploration, with incredible things to do in Bangkok hidden around every crowded corner. A city of contrasts, Bangkok is the place you’ll find ultra-modern megamalls sandwiched between centuries-old village homes and historic temples just down the street from neon-lit nightlife. Whether you haggle at a floating food market, shop ‘til you drop, or explore gold-spired temples, the things to do in Bangkok are as memorable as they are magical.

      Exploring the busy stalls of Bangkok's local market
      A myriad of markets

      Topping the list of things to do in Bangkok is experiencing the city’s iconic market culture for yourself. The vibrant atmosphere at a traditional market can’t be recreated anywhere else, and the ones found in Bangkok are some of the biggest and best in the world. Whether you spend an entire day browsing Chatuchak Weekend Market’s 15 000 stalls, eat some of the best food in the city at Sampeng Market in Chinatown, or shop for colorful fruits and flowers at a floating market on the Damnoen Saduak canal, each market offers its own selection of unique things to do in Bangkok.

      A Thai street food vendor selling a selection of local street food in Bangkok
      Scrumptious street food

      Bangkok is among the world’s greatest cities for street food – in fact, you’ll find everything from quick snacks to entire multi-course meals right in the city streets, 24 hours a day. The city’s incredibly aromatic cuisine is a delicate balancing act of sweet, savory, spicy, and herbaceous flavors that’s unique to Thailand. From bowls of piping hot noodles quickly slurped down on the sidewalk to a full meal of meat and rice tucked into at rickety plastic tables, feasting on street food in all its forms is one of the best things to do in Bangkok – the Southeast Asian capital of cuisine.

      Tourists enjoying a night out in the bustling city of Bangkok
      Bangkok by night

      When the beating sun disappears over the horizon, the list of things to do in Bangkok gets even longer. The Bangkok nightlife scene and its revelers have earned a reputation for rowdiness, but it’s not all pulsating nightclubs and bawdy bars (although, if that’s your scene, you have your pick of several). Late-night shopping at one of the many brightly-lit night markets spread out across the city, having dinner at a fine dining establishment, or sipping a cocktail at a hole-in-the-wall jazz club or rooftop bar far above the madness are equally fun things to do in Bangkok by night.

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        Ida arranged our tour around our desired itinerary, was flexible, helpful and had a great sense of humor. She made our tour very special.

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