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Pizza and pasta are just the tip of the iceberg on a food tour in Italy. One of the world’s most iconic cuisines, Italian food comprises a broad collection of regional culinary styles that together reflect the country’s diversity. Local specialties like super-simple pasta dishes in Rome, crustless on-the-go sandwiches in Milan, or traditional tagliatelle al ragù in Bologna are must-haves, but certain hallmarks of Italian food hold true no matter where your Italy food tour takes you: the pasta is always melt-in-the-mouth, the glistening rows of pastries are always freshly baked, and eating in Italy is always a delight for the stomach and the soul.

Tourist enjoying a local meal on a food tour in Italy
A taste of true Italian heritage

Their cuisines may fall under the blanket term “Italian food”, but each city in Italy has its own idea of the dietary staples. In uber-stylish Milan, an extra-strong espresso at a trendy café is the only way to start the day; in Naples, slow-cooked Neapolitan ragù is the dinnertime favorite; and a Venice food tour usually revolves around a bacaro for cicchetti – the Venetian version of tapas that change by the hour. Wherever your Italy food tour takes you, each city’s cuisine represents and reflects its geography, culture, and identity in the most delicious way possible.

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Local guide introducing a tourist to the best gelato in Italy
From Rome to Milan, a flavor for every foodie

Are you craving a hearty stew of slow-cooked oxtail in Rome or a slice of Neapolitan pizza in Naples? Or maybe your sweet tooth wants to savor a warm cornetto con crema and cappuccino at a cobbled café in the sun-dappled, sepia-tinged streets of romantic Florence. Ready your appetite for the thrilling, filling, and authentic greats of Italian food. Whatever your palate prefers, Italy’s cuisine has something to surprise and delight – and there’s nobody better than a local insider to recommend the perfect hidden spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your Italian food tour.

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Enjoying the beautiful view with a glass of red wine in Italy
Wine to suit every season

A food tour in Italy inevitably involves some spectacular wine. The robust reds and crisp whites from the country’s wine-producing regions can be found in atmospheric wine bars, subterranean cellars, and ivy-clad terraced cafés scattered throughout Italy. In a country with over 500 unique grape varieties, there’s truly a wine to enhance any type of food – and finding the perfect one is one of the most exciting aspects of eating in Italy. Grab a glass with your aperitivo appetizers, or take your own snacks into a casual bar where your local guide can recommend the perfect pairing.

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