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    The Best Food Tours In Vancouver With A Local

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      Tourist and a local guide enjoying drinks and a light meal while on a food tour of Vancouver
      Tourist and a local guide enjoying drinks and a light meal while on a food tour of Vancouver

      The best private food tours & experiences with locals

      The vibrant Vancouver food scene owes its culinary reputation to the countless cultures that call the city home. In fact, the best food in Vancouver is the food that showcases the city’s incredible diversity – scrumptious global specialties that have been brought here and, in some cases, made even better. And the local culinary classics? It’s not all maple syrup and poutine. Canada has its own fantastic cuisine, and iconic local dishes done the right way are easy to find throughout the city. Whether you’re looking for authentic dim sum in the city’s famous Chinatown or Canadian butter tarts at a bakery, the best food in Vancouver is as varied as it is delicious.

      Tourist enjoying the fusion of flavors available at a local restaurant in Vancouver
      Fusion food like you’ve never seen it

      A proud immigrant city, Vancouver represents countless nations through its exciting food scene. Among several others, the city has thriving Chinese, Filipino and Indian communities, and celebrates culinary traditions from around the world. With the Lower Mainland’s excellent produce, and fresh seafood from the water surrounding Vancouver Island, the cultures that call Vancouver home have created a style of West Coast fusion cuisine native to the city. From Vietnamese-Cambodian to Asian-French to Japanese hot dogs, the best food in Vancouver takes your taste buds on a world tour.

      A typical restaurant to visit on a food tour of Vancouver
      The best of the Canadian classics

      The best food in Vancouver isn’t all fusion fare and global gastronomy. Canada has so many signature dishes to be sampled. No matter where you are in Canada, it would be a crime not to try poutine (crispy fries, squeaky cheese curds, and rich gravy) and no-bake Nanaimo custard and chocolate slices – but Vancouver has its own mouthwatering must-tries. The best food in Vancouver, unique to the city, includes British Columbian smoked salmon glazed with maple syrup, plump spot prawns harvested for eight weeks a year, and hearty indigenous dishes that flaunt the city’s produce.

      A popular local market to visit on a food tour of Vancouver
      Foodie hubs for every palate

      On a foodie tour led by a local guide, you won’t struggle to find the flavors that suit your palate. Several diverse areas in the city are known for having the best food in Vancouver. For modern cuisine, head to the cobbled streets of Gastown; for Japanese ramen or Korean barbecue (and belting a song at a karaoke bar), the colorful West End is the place to be. If you’re into humble markets and homestyle cuisine, Granville Island is a must-visit location, while Richmond and Chinatown are home to the most authentic Chinese cuisine outside of China – and some of the best food in Vancouver.

      Latest reviews from our guests

        Gabriel was very knowledgeable and friendly.

        September 2023

        Dennise H

        Pierre was a terrific guide. 6 hours of walking everywhere! places we wanted to see, and places we didn’t even know existed. We learned so much. He was interesting, friendly, kind. I highly recommend him!!!

        August 2023

        Heidi C

        Germain (Bruno :) ) was such a great tour guide! I lived that he included the local views on the political environment and how these are shown in the art/architecture around Montreal. Germain was very knowledgeable and so much fun to hang out with for the day. It was the perfect tour to do the day we got there so we could plan out the rest of our visit based upon the sites we enjoyed most. Thanks so much!!

        July 2023

        Savannah R

        What a great city Montréal is, and Gabriel made it so much more enjoyable. Gabriel took us to places we wouldn’t have known and really explained the city and history to us. If this is your first or even second trip to Montréal, I recommend this tour!

        June 2023

        Joseph C

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