Hi, I’m Devanshu


Hi, I’m Devanshu

I’ve lived in Dublin for 5 years

I speak English, Hindi

I am Software Analyst


Hi, my name is Devanshu On behalf of City Unscripted I welcome you to Dublin. Dublin is an incredibly interesting city. It warms up your heart in a way only a few places do. I am a wanderer who enjoys exploring through the city on foot. Being a food enthusiast, I am always on hunt to find the best food around the city and would be happy to take you on a journey to the best spots and eateries to not only try traditional dishes but also international cuisines. On the other hand a cornerstone of the Irish culture with long and tipsy history, the pub is a place for socializing as much as for drinking, the pub is one of the go-to spots for life events in Ireland. Dublin offers some richest architectural sites such as Dublin Castle, Trinity College, O’Connell Bridge, and It marks the limit between Dublin North (working-class district) and Dublin South (wealthy part of the city). I have shown Dublin to many friends and family, and now I would like to show it to you. So if you are looking for a glimpse into the daily life in Dublin, let’s get connecte!

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Hosts graduation Software Engineer Hosts expertise Food

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