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A fairytale floating city linked by 400 bridges, Venice’s sparkling waters become even more bewitching when the sun sets and the city lights start dancing on its surface. Venice at night, when the canals clear out and crowded streets become quiet, is a totally unique experience. On Venice night tours with City Unscripted, you’ll see a storybook scene come to life. The nightlife attractions here are anything but raucous – Venice at night is quieter than many of its European counterparts, content to spend an evening sipping wine at a tiny tavern or feasting on appetizers in a cozy restaurant. Spend a night like a Venetian with us, and experience it all for yourself.

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Typical night market in Venice
Not your average nightlife scene

If you think a great night out can only be had in a pulsating nightclub or crowded bar, let Venice at night prove you wrong. The city likely won’t win any awards from lovers of rowdy revelry, but Venice’s nightlife still has plenty of things to do to keep night owls occupied well into the wee hours. The city doesn’t need a 24-hour party scene to give you a memorable night out – Venice night tours are perfect for live music, moonlit strolls, convivial chatter, and lengthy dinners. With your guide to show you the hotspots and hidden gems, the real Venice is yours to discover.

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Tourists exploring Venice during the golden hour at the start of a night tour
All the must-sees minus the crowds

As one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, Venice is seldom not crowded with visitors moving between the city’s iconic landmarks on sun-dappled streets and gliding along in gondolas. While nudging through the throngs during the day is a struggle, Venice night tours are ideal for exploring the sights at your own speed. In Venice at night, maybe you’ll see a near-deserted St. Mark's Square, stroll along a quiet Ponte di Rialto, or admire landmarks lit-up against the night sky. And when you’re done? Sipping a quick spritz is the perfect way to end Venice night tours.

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Locals at dinner in a tapas restaurant along a canal in Venice
Tapas at twilight

With so many after-dark attractions, you don’t want to get caught in a tourist trap – let us show you where locals spend their time. Venetian food is some of the best in Italy, so why not take our Venice night tours as an opportunity to try out the local cuisine? If you’re looking for authenticity, you’ll find it at a bacaro – a Venetian-style tapas bar serving small plates paired with Veneto wines – where the menu changes every hour and there’s not an English word in sight. Most Venice night tours are best begun here, rubbing elbows with the locals and trying some unique Venetian bites.

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