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Italy’s sepia-tinged Cradle of the Renaissance, Florence is a city of fascinating history, rich culture, and a culinary tradition that dates back centuries. Built on fertile soil and surrounded by wine-rich hills, this world-renowned gourmet paradise has built its food reputation on quality ingredients prepared simply but deliciously. The food in Italy’s Tuscan capital is a perfect balance of elegance and hearty indulgence, and food tours in Florence embrace everything from street food to family-run trattorias to formal dining. With a local insider leading the way through the city’s sun-dappled streets, the best restaurants in Florence are waiting to be discovered.

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Enjoying a Florence steak at a local restaurant in Florence
Florentine food history

Food has always played an integral part in the Florentine identity, and the city’s culture can truly be understood through its culinary heritage. In recent years, more and more Michelin-starred dining spots have sprung up, often overshadowing some of the best restaurants in Florence – the mom-and-pop trattorias loved by locals. Food tours in Florence with local guides can be the best way to discover the true culinary heritage of the city that, at its heart, remains a hub of traditional Tuscan cuisine, famous for signature dishes like ribollita soup and bistecca Fiorentina T-bone steak.

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Tourist deciding what to try at a bakery in Florence while on a food tour with a local
A taste of Tuscany

Tuscan heritage is celebrated throughout the city, from the best restaurants in Florence to the street food stalls in bustling squares and boulevards. Food tours here all inevitably lead to the famous Sant'Ambrogio Market, a 150-year-old indoor market in the “gourmet ghetto” of the city. Whether you hop between restaurants in Florence, sample street eats like schiacciata – a flatbread covered in salt and oil – or try something a little more adventurous like a lampredotto sandwich (boiled cow’s intestine), the flavors of Tuscan food tours are surprisingly delicate and delicious.

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Enjoying a glass of red wine and the beautiful views of Florence
The icing on the cake

Tuscany is well-known for being Italy’s most famous wine-producing region, with its full-bodied reds and crisp whites always a major feature in food tours of restaurants in Florence. If you’re looking for something sweet on your Tuscan tasting, the uniquely flavored dessert wine, visanto, ends a meal as beautifully as any cake or tart could. Aside from being famous for wine, Florence is also home to some of the best gelato in Italy. Instead of reaching for the dessert menu after a meal at one of the best restaurants in Florence, why not grab a creamy gelato at one of the city’s famous small-batch gelaterias?

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