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Wondering what to do in London?

A city of enchanting antiquity, centuries-old culture, and instantly recognizable landmarks, London is brimming over with endless pleasures both hidden and proudly on display. The things to do in London range from the historical to the strikingly innovative, with hundreds of world-famous sights and exciting activities awaiting its visitors. Deeply multicultural and astonishingly diverse, London is home to countless nationalities that have sewed colorful pieces of their countries to the patchwork quilt that is the city’s culture. The result is a spectacular food scene, mind-blowing architecture, captivating history, and a very long list of fun things to do in London.

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Tourists walking along a popular bridge in London with a local guide
Distinct and diverse districts

Central London may be the place where major museums, galleries, and iconic sights congregate, but each of the city’s boroughs has its own distinct personality. Maybe you’ll explore picture-perfect Islington sandwiched between central London and the affluent northern suburbs, known for its stunning boutiques, or perhaps the eclectic markets and music scene in edgy Camden pique your interest. You might stick to Brixton, the city’s colorful creative heart. But things see in London also move beyond the urban – further afield, its leafy landscapes and green expanses are equally attractive.

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Tourist browsing the fresh artisanal goods at a typical local market in London
Global gastronomy in London

London’s culinary contributions aren’t just fish and chips and full English breakfast (although they’re certainly favorites!). In fact, the city is a hotbed authentic international cuisine with diversity that’s dizzying. London today is a global dining destination that fuses flavors from around the world to create dishes that don’t exist anywhere else. The things to do in London that revolve around food – like sampling street eats at a centuries-old market, downing a beer at a traditional pub, or grabbing a takeaway chicken tikka – are quintessential experiences in the UK capital.

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Tourist admiring a piece of street art while exploring London
Highlights and hidden gems

From sights like the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey to the iconic arts and culture scene, there are thousands of reasons the city lures so many travelers to its historic streets. You won’t need to look hard to find things to do in London – entertainment and attractions are everywhere you turn – but it’s the lesser-known landmarks and secret gems loved by Londoners that truly make the city memorable. A private tour with a native Londoner is the perfect way to discover the soul of the city for yourself (and experience some of the best things to do in London while you’re at it).

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