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British cuisine isn’t all fish and chips and full English breakfast (although not sampling a quintessentially British bite on a London food tour would be an injustice). London today is a global dining destination, taking flavors from all over the world and fusing them into dishes that don’t exist anywhere else. The sheer diversity of food in London is dizzying – centuries-old markets and traditional pubs are just the tip of a colossal iceberg of international cuisine and modern British specialties. Whether you’re looking for hearty English fare or contemporary cuisine in the city’s coolest boroughs, a food tour in London has something to suit every palate.

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Locals enjoying food in Brixton Village on a food tour of London
The world in one city

Centuries of immigration have made London a multicultural masterpiece with a profusion of culinary choice. London food is an A to Z of cuisines, and a food tour could have you spending your morning in Istanbul, your afternoon in Egypt, and your evening in Peru. Authentic international cuisine can be found in the city’s many ethnic enclaves, but their flavors tend to come together in incredibly creative ways at the food markets scattered throughout the city. From pomegranate halloumi fries to Szechuan butter peppercorn prawns, street food in London is a world tour flavorful fusions.

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Typical popular London pub on a sunny day in the city
The great British bite-off

Don’t listen to the food snobs, because British cuisine has long outgrown its bland and beige reputation. Modern British fare is homely, hearty, and delicious, and London’s traditional restaurants and centuries-old pubs still proudly hold their own in the influx of trendy new eateries. A food tour in London with a local insider is the ideal way to make up your own mind about British cuisine. Once you’ve filled up on perfectly roasted meats, seasonal root vegetables, flaky pies, and afternoon tea, you might find yourself passionately defending the honor of the traditional British menu.

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Food stalls full of artisanal food at Borough Market in London
Something for your sweet tooth

When it comes to sweets, nowhere does it better than London. Between authentic Milanese bakeries, Japanese confectioneries, and world-renowned French patisseries, your afternoon tea break on a London food tour might last a little longer than you intended. And then there are the city’s own sweet treats – England is renowned for its feel-good desserts, and you’ll find the best of the best on a food tour in London. Sticky, stodgy (in the best way possible) puddings, iconic Eton mess, and baked fruit under a blanket of buttery crumble are sure to end any experience on a high.

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