Tourists enjoying al fresco dining with a local at a trattoria in Rome

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With a history spanning almost 3000 years, traditional Roman food has evolved over the centuries into one of the world’s great populist cuisines. Simple yet satisfying, pretty yet unpretentious, Roman food to this day is seasonal ingredients lovingly prepared – but that doesn’t mean the cuisine is plain. In fact, it’s anything but. On a food tour of Rome, hearty, flavorful cuisine is always on the menu – food that, though classic, relies heavily on sharp cheeses, bitter greens, and generous sprinklings of black pepper. The best food in Rome (whether pizza, pasta, or pastries) is a true celebration of the iconic Italian culinary tradition.

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A bowl of delicious pasta from a food tour of Rome
Discovering history and heritage

Forget the Colosseum – carbonara is an equally important Roman icon! As the city shifted from kingdom to republic to empire, the traditional cuisine changed, but some things have stayed the same. The combination of flour and water is as important today as it was centuries ago, and bread and pasta remain the humble basis of some of the finest Roman food. From simple cacio e pepe pasta at a no-frills family-run trattoria to a three-course ristorante dinner done the modern Italian way, a food tour in Rome is a discovery of the city’s culture – and it can be whatever you want it to be.

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Tourists enjoying al fresco dining on a food tour in Rome with a local
A plate of Roman food to suit your palate

Are you craving a hearty stew of slow-cooked oxtail or a light snack of fried artichokes and zucchini flowers? Or maybe your sweet tooth wants to savor a warm cornetto con crema and cappuccino at a cobbled café. Either way, there’s nobody better than a local guide to recommend the perfect hidden spot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Rome. Whatever your palate prefers, the staples of the modern Roman diet will satisfy any type of foodie on our secret food tour. Get ready to taste the boiled, braised, and battered favorites of Roman food – all you have to do is come hungry!

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Selection of wines on offer at a local trattoria in Rome
The perfect pairing

If Roman food is a reason to visit the city, the wine is a reason to start planning your second trip. Rome may not be a wine region in itself, but the very best of Italian wines (the country has over 500 unique grape varieties!) can be found tucked away in atmospheric wine bars, subterranean cellars, and bustling, ivy-clad terraced cafés. Roman food hits another level of deliciousness when paired with a full-bodied Sangiovese or crisp Trebbiano. Enjoy a glass with your trattoria meal, or head to a specialty store to sample cured meats and regional cheeses with the best wines in the world.

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