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    Private Tour Guides In Rome

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      Private Tour Guides In Rome
      Private Tour Guides In Rome

      The best private guides and local insiders in Rome

      Are you looking for the best private tour guides in Rome to make your next trip to Italy’s Eternal City an experience you’ll never forget? Our passionate team of private tour guides in Rome leads a range of fantastic tours, from must-see tours of the top sights to experiences a little more off the beaten path, and they’ll help you strike a balance between Rome’s highlights and its hidden gems. From iconic attractions of the 3000-year-old cityscape like Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum to unique snapshots of the local lifestyle, like tucking into a steaming bowl of cacio e pepe at a family-run trattoria, our private tours in Rome let you see and do it all.

      Private Tour Guides In Rome
      Discover the real Rome

      Rome is a city with too many iconic attractions to count, and you could easily spend weeks caught in a never-ending tourist trap. But with private tour guides in Rome to be your personal GPS, guidebook, and Google Translate, you’ll find that no experience is off-limits – even those that seem to be reserved for Romans! Our private tours in Rome will help you explore the city with the ease of someone who calls it home. With private tour guides in Rome to open your eyes to the city’s unique pastimes and traditions, the Italian capital will become more than just another vacation destination.

      Private Tour Guides In Rome
      Roman hosts handpicked for you

      In a city with as many diverse attractions as Rome, from ancient architecture and precious art to some of the finest food in the world, every traveler is attracted to the city for a different reason. At City Unscripted, we understand that no two travelers are the same – and neither are our private guides in Rome! Our local hosts are some of the best private tour guides in Rome because they’re just as varied as the people who travel with us, coming from all ages and backgrounds. Between them, we’ll easily find the host who shares your interests, whether history, culture, or food.

      Private Tour Guides In Rome
      Tailor-made tours in Italy’s capital

      At City Unscripted, we’re not about generic itineraries or only showing you the famous sights. Our private tour guides in Rome take the time to get to know your personality and your travel style, then create the perfect personalized tour especially for you. Whether you want a three-hour crash course on our kickstart tour, a boozy brunch to remember on our “Wine tasting in Rome” tour, or an experience of a night on the town, Rome-style, our private tour guides in Rome tailor each experience to you. Just choose from our range of private tours in Rome, and we’ll take care of the rest!

      Latest reviews from our guests

        Our guide Angelo was great! He brought us to all the major sites and showed us the best way to get around the city! He was very knowledgeable and kind. It was a perfect tour for our first full day in Roma.

        December 2021

        Kathryn P

        After some vicissitudes about finding a guide, I was entrusted with Ugo's company. Fantastic person in everything from the knowledge of the city to the human side of him. A really great person who gave us a super exhaustive tour of the city and showed us so many works. certainly one of the most beautiful experiences made.

        October 2021

        Dario T

        A wonderful day spent with knowledgeable and extremely pleasant Andreea, who clearly loves her city of Rome. We asked to be taken off the beaten path, and we did. We were Andreea’s first tour in almost two years due to COVID and could sense her joy at being back to a role she loves!

        October 2021

        Stephen W

        Ruggero was an excellent guide. He is very knowledgeable and personable. Really enjoyed seeing Rome with him.

        September 2021

        Donna F

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