Tourist feeding pigeons in front of Duomo di Milano

Top Things To Do In Milan

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Wondering what to do in Milan?

A global capital of fashion and design, Milan is a city that shows off without even trying. Although the things to do in Milan include exploring centuries-old architecture, ancient art, and even Italy’s oldest mall, Milan simultaneously manages to be a modern marvel of steel and glass skyscrapers and hi-tech hubs. When the sun sets, the list of things to do in Milan gets even longer. Indulge in late-night dinners at cozy restaurants, dance in neon-lit clubs, or simply walk along the cobbled streets between jazz bars blasting live music – but before any of that, be sure to settle in for the Italian tradition of aperitivo right here in the city that invented it.

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Tourists exploring the popular Isola neighborhood in Milan
History and heritage

Many of the things to do in Milan reveal a city where old and new exist together peacefully. Milan’s sense of style is decidedly modern, but it’s not all sleek angles and futuristic skylines – the city center is its own visual feast of medieval palaces, ancient ruins, and monuments like the iconic Milan Cathedral. The things to do in Milan span centuries of attractions – you could drink in 600-year-old architecture in the morning, muse over da Vinci’s The Last Supper in the afternoon, and end your day with aperitivo at an ultra-modern restaurant set along a centuries-old waterway.

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Tourists and locals admiring art at a gallery in Milan
Best foot forward

Few metropolises in the world are as attractive as Milan – this is, after all, the heartland of world-renowned Italian design, so beauty is a big part of its appeal. Many of the places to visit and things to do in Milan celebrate the city’s reputation for fashion and design. Milan’s stylish soul can be seen everywhere: in its stunning Art Deco architecture, opulent malls, iconic shopping streets lined with designer boutiques, and locals that look like they’ve stepped from the pages of a high-fashion magazine. If you’re looking for your fashion fix, you’ve come to the right place.

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A typical street view at night in Milan
Milan by night

The things to do in Milan at night range from glamour to grit. There’s grungy, graffiti-plastered Isola, a trendy enclave of thrift stores, cool cafes, and well-worn dive bars, and bohemian Brera, home to high society and some of the city’s sleekest bars. Maybe you’ll get all dressed up for a night at the prestigious Teatro alla Scala opera house, or keep things more low-key in a dimly lit local pub or traditional trattoria. Whatever you decide, canalside aperitivo – drinks and snacks – in the ultra-trendy Navigli neighborhood is one of the unmissable things to do in Milan after dark.

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