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    Mexico City Food Tours

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      Locals cooking at a street food stall in Mexico City
      Locals cooking at a street food stall in Mexico City

      The best private food tours in Mexico City

      Designated the world’s next great dining destination by food experts around the globe, Mexico City is in the middle of the type of culinary renaissance formerly reserved for places like Paris and Tokyo. The city’s new generation of chefs has perfected the art of authentic Mexican food with a decidedly modern twist, putting the city on the world culinary map in the process. Mexican cuisine – already mind-blowingly delicious even at the humblest stalls, trucks, carts, and makeshift windows – has only been elevated in recent years, with gourmet food halls and upmarket eateries popping up across the city. On a food tour in Mexico, you can experience it all.

      Tourist enjoying a plate of local food on a street food tour of Mexico City
      Street eats fit for royalty

      Street eats fit for royalty In Mexico City, over 75 percent of locals eat street food weekly – and with popular foods like tlayudas (toasted tortilla covered in beans, meat, and cheese), barbacoa (tender steamed meat), and cochinita pibil (roast pork), and chocolate-dipped churros, it’s not hard to see why. Think you know tacos? Mexico City has hundreds of types, and thousands of taquerías to try them at on your food tour. Choose among suadero tacos made with thin-cut beef, barbacoa tacos (the meat is traditionally slow-cooked in an underground oven), and canasta tacos stacked high in a cloth-covered basket.

      Tourist enjoying a meal with a local at Calle Lucerna on a food tour of Mexico City
      From humble markets to high-end meals

      Authentic Mexican food is one of the most vibrant and colorful cuisines in the world thanks to its liberal use of fresh herbs and chilies. On your food tour, you’ll find a sprawling range of places to eat – but when it comes to sheer flavor, there’s little to separate ambitious restaurants and hipster-approved cafés from simple street food carts and hole-in-the-wall haunts. Whether you’re on a mission to find the best restaurants in Mexico City or you’re satisfied trawling no-frills neighborhood food markets for budget bites, a food tour in this city could never disappoint.

      Typical selection of traditional food in Mexico City
      Flavors and food from the past

      Mexico City itself is a patchwork quilt of Aztec landmarks embedded into the fabric of the modern city, and its cuisine is no different – a Mexico City food tour is like a trip through time. Authentic Mexican food and its unique flavors can be traced back several centuries: Salsa and tortilla wraps were sold at ancient food markets; Spaniards in Mexico were served traditional tamales (a popular street food to this day) by Aztecs in the 16th century; and, the Portuguese aided the spread of chili peppers in the mid-1500s. Who says a food tour can’t be educational?

      Latest reviews from our guests

        Ninelth made sure she curated her itinerary based on what I had in mind. She was very patient in taking me through the journey through downtown and the surrounding areas to learn about the rich history dating back centuries and to current modern times. We stopped along the way for a quick places to try tacos and Mexican sweets. In addition, she took me to a wonderful market where we explored the culinary exotic delights (such as chapulines!). All in all, it was a wonderful experience!

        November 2023

        Yogesh S

        We gained so much knowledge about the City’s layout, geography, history, architecture, art and food. Marisol exceeded our expectations for the waking tour in every regard. Our time here in Mexico City will be tremendously enhanced by all that we learned today.

        November 2023

        Drew J

        We had the pleasure to tour Mexico city with our guide Nic. we have taken private tours in cities all over the world. this was by far the best we have ever taken. Nic had an encyclopedia level of knowledge. the way that he was able to string together the history of Mexico city thru names, dates and architecture was amazing. He also provided us with a tour of all of the various neighborhoods thru out the the city. This allowed us to plan out the rest of our visit. each one of his restaurant recommendations were spot on. He gave us local insight ranging from street food to the highest level of cuisine. we cannot recommend Nic enough. Aaron and Chris

        November 2023

        Aaron K

        Roberto was so knowledgeable about the history, art and culture of Mexico City! He was also very flexible, allowing us to see what we wanted but also pivot. Really appreciate our time with him.

        November 2023

        Andrew B

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