Hi, I’m Jady


Hi, I’m Jady

I’ve lived in Taipei for 43 years

I speak English

I am Graphic Designer/Tour guide


Hello! I'm Chih-Yu, but you can call me Jady, your fun-loving guide to the wonders of Taipei. For me, this city is a canvas painted with vibrant surprises and rich cultural tales. What thrills me about Taipei is its unique fusion of diverse cultures, creating a kaleidoscope of experiences just waiting to be discovered. Fancy a bike ride? Together, we can meander through Taipei's winding lanes, past iconic landmarks like the Longshan Temple, or cycle alongside the Tamsui River as the city's stories unfold beneath our wheels. After soaking in some history at a museum, we'll make our way to the bustling streets to tantalize our taste buds with some iconic street food. Having delved deep into the heart of Dadaocheng, North Gate, and more, my tales are filled with Taipei's rich history and its enchanting landscapes!

My knowledge & interests

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