Hi, I’m Cici


Hi, I’m Cici

I’ve lived in Kyoto for 2 years

I speak English and some Japanese

I am a Student


I am a Landscape Architect who is currently studying in the field of Landscape Ecology. I chose to continue my education in Kyoto because of the uniqueness of this city. As a Landscape Architect, I read every corner of Kyoto and its surroundings through the function and design of landscapes influenced by history and culture that are preserved and can coexist with modern life. And as a Landscape Architect, what I really love about Kyoto is its proximity to nature. We do not need to go far from the city center to enjoy the natural beauty of this city and the surrounding from the top of the mountain. Let's explore together the nature of Kyoto and have a different experience in this city.

My knowledge & interests

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