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    Manchester Food Tours

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      Manchester Food Tours
      Manchester Food Tours

      The best private food tours & experiences with locals

      A day in Manchester isn’t just about exploring this fascinating cityscape’s famous attractions. It’s also the perfect excuse to experience the city’s unique culinary culture. In this northern England powerhouse, there’s no lack of incredible cuisine – and what better way to taste the best of it than on the ultimate food tours of Manchester with a local guide? Book Manchester food tours for an unforgettable day fueled by some of the tastiest grub the city has to offer, plus a local guide to be your GPS, restaurant reviewer, and dinner date – and don’t worry, because we’ll still help you squeeze in some sights. What more could you ask for from Manchester food tours?

      Manchester Food Tours
      Taste Mancunian cuisine

      Most of Manchester’s must-try culinary contributions are likely dishes you’ve never even heard of. From “parched peas” to “pasty barm”, don’t even bother trying to imagine what the city’s favorite foods could be! Luckily, your local host has done all the research already, and will be quick to show you the Mancunian creations that will suit your taste. On our food tours of Manchester, perhaps you’ll feast on a freshly baked Eccles cake, a pastry filled with currants, sugar, and space. Or maybe you’ll chow down on rag pudding – meat and onions wrapped up in a steamed suet pastry. On Manchester food tours, the choice is yours!

      Manchester Food Tours
      Discover the diverse culinary culture

      Throw every stereotype you have about northern English cuisine out the window, because on food tours of Manchester, we guarantee you’ll be proven wrong. That doesn’t mean you won’t experience traditional treats like Sunday roasts and British pub grub – it just means you’ll also find astounding diversity you may not have expected. Discover Manchester’s history and heritage through its famous foods, which range from the hearty and homely to the shockingly high-end. Whether food tours of Manchester take you to a humble local haunt or an upmarket eatery, you won’t be disappointed.

      Manchester Food Tours
      Uncover modern Manchester

      Contemporary Manchester cuisine is found at trendy food trucks, tap rooms, and bars, and it can take your tastebuds on a trip around the world. On Manchester food tours with a local guide, you’ll explore local hotspots that have elevated the city’s food scene over the past few years. Book our ultimate Manchester food tour and explore the trendy Northern Quarter, where the most popular dishes represent everywhere from Texas to Thailand. As you wander between stylish food markets and cool cocktail lounges, you’ll be blown away at how much the city’s culinary culture has shifted.

      Latest reviews from our guests

        Francesca was wonderful and extremely helpful on my first trip oversees. Thank you for all of your insight!

        December 2021

        Dere S

        Very good visit, staff are very knowledgeable about the history of football, lots of memorabilia, facts and figures. Recommend the ladies football history tour. Very informative and staff really helpful and friendly and have a real passion for the game. We had a lovely morning and only scratched a little of it, so much to see and do . Good value for money and a free return visit ticket within 12 months!!

        November 2019

        Austin P

        It was a great and very interesting sightseeing tour through the versatile Manchester! Thanks a lot!

        November 2018

        Melli A

        Muy agradecidos con Francesca!!

        June 2017

        Alex V

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