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Deciding what to see in London isn’t difficult. A city of unmatched culture and antiquity, with amazing things to see and do at every turn, can keep any type of traveler occupied for months. But when the sun sets and world-famous attractions like the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and The Shard are illuminated, the British capital takes on an otherworldly appeal. From all-night-long parties to a tranquil night at the theater, our private London night tours are the perfect reflection of a city that leaves no visitor in want. Whether you want a night of dancing, dining, or dreamily strolling down twinkling streets, our night tours in London show a totally different side to this dynamic city.

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Local introducing tourists to a trendy nightlife spot in London
Live it up like a Londoner

Forget about the tourist traps – anyone with Google and a guidebook can easily figure out what to see in London as a first-time visitor. Our London night tours will show you the sides of the city that usually only open themselves up to the people who call it home. After all, the most memorable things to do in London at night are the simple snapshots of local life. That’s why on our unforgettable London night tours, you’ll swap the hotspots for the hidden gems and get swept up in a tide of excited night owls making their way to the lesser-known landmarks of London’s eclectic nightlife.

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Exploring the neon-lit streets of London at night with a local guide
From peaceful strolls to parties

There are many ways to spend a night out, and every traveler is different. London night tours with City Unscripted are 100% personalized and tailored to suit your style. Whatever your speed, the London nightlife scene will keep you up well past your bedtime. London has no lack of electrifying clubs to keep you dancing all night in districts like super-cool Soho and Covent Gardens. But maybe you prefer things a little more low-key, and top of your list of what to see in London are musicals, theater shows, and twinkling streets lined with galleries and museums staying open till late.

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Tourists enjoying a pint at a local pub during a London pub-crawl with a local
The Great British pub crawl

When you think of what to see in London, a quintessential British pub likely springs to mind first. Any London night tours anywhere in the city would be incomplete without sipping an ale at a cozy pub – some so historic, they were once frequented by the likes of Charles Dickens! Join locals indulging in a post-work wind down at one of the many pubs lining London’s streets. And if you prefer your drinking holes just a little more upmarket? Our night tours in London have you covered. The city is brimming over with classy cocktail lounges and sleek bars where the art of mixology has been perfected.

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