Tourists enjoying the picturesque views of Budapest from a lookout point

Top Things To Do In Budapest

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Wondering what to do in Budapest?

With breathtaking Baroque buildings risen up during the Hungarian capital’s 19th-century “golden age” and elegant boulevards that have inspired the nickname “the Paris of the East”, Budapest is beauty personified. The things to do in Budapest reveal a city that’s an architectural treasure trove in the truest sense. Whether you choose to admire Roman and Renaissance buildings, stroll along the banks of the sparkling Danube, “take the waters” in the city’s abundance of centuries-old hot springs, or experience this living museum’s contemporary attractions (its famous nightlife, boho boroughs, and fantastic food), the things to do in Budapest are a sheer delight.

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Local guide showing tourists around Budapest on a historical tour of the city
Tangible history

Budapest may be absolutely beautiful, but much of the city’s charm lies in its grit, forged under years of communist rule. Pieces of the city’s turbulent past are starkly visible throughout its streets, adding another layer of complexity and some unexpected things to do in Budapest. This is a place where opulent century-old mansions and cobbled medieval streets exist peacefully alongside “ruin bars” (clubs and drinking holes housed inside the crumbling courtyards of dilapidated pre-war buildings), WWII buildings riddled with bullet holes, and memories of Hungary’s chilling terror regimes.

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Tourists browsing a typical food market in Budapest
Hungry for Hungary

There's more to Hungarian food than goulash (although it’s a must-try), and Budapest is the perfect place to try the very best of the country’s cuisine. Many things to do in Budapest revolve around food, so you certainly won’t struggle to find some incredible bites. Try traditional dishes like spreadable bone marrow, dip made with sheep’s milk cheese, and an indulgent dessert of three different flavors of sponge cake. But of all the foodie things to do in Budapest, sampling lángos, the street food staple of fried dough, shredded cheese, and sour cream, might be the most delicious of all.

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Tourists enjoying the sunset on a bridge over Danube river in Budapest
Budapest by night

When the sun sets, the list of things to do in Budapest gets even longer. The city is known for having some of the best nightlife in all of Europe – no small feat, but Budapest delivers. From ramshackle ruin bars (an iconic institution) to the sleekest, most sophisticated nightclubs, all types of revelers are rewarded. Whether you fancy a drink at a rooftop bar high up in an Art Nouveau masterpiece, a wild party at a buzzing nightclub, or a drink and pastry at a coffee house that only closes at midnight, the Hungarian capital city is brimming with memorable things to do.

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