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With its Baroque buildings and breathtaking boulevards that have earned it the nickname “the Paris of the East”, Budapest is beauty personified. It’s impossible to imagine that a city so striking by day could be as impressive by night – but Budapest only really starts showing off when the sun goes down and its world-famous nightlife hubs take center stage. A Budapest night tour with City Unscripted is the perfect way to skip the tourist traps and get right into the good stuff. You could spend your night ticking off the top 10 sights in your guidebook – or, with a local guide by your side, you could experience the Budapest nightlife scene exactly as the locals do!

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Budapest local standing on a bridge over the Danube River with tourists on a night tour of Budapest
Discover Budapest by night

When the tourist traps empty out and the locals take back their city, Budapest really comes alive. On a Budapest night tour, you’ll be able to indulge in all the secret pastimes of the people who call the city home – and feel the true spirit of the city in the process. With a local guide by your side, you’ll discover the best things to do in Budapest at night that aren’t necessarily in your guidebook. Just pack your stamina and spend an unforgettable evening on a Budapest night tour exploring the hole-in-the-wall haunts and hidden gems where locals gather after hours.

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Tourists enjoying a night out and the busy atmosphere of a ruin bar in Budapest
From high-octane to low-key

It’s no small feat, but the Budapest nightlife scene is known for being one of the best in all of Europe. With everything from tiny taverns and ramshackle ruin bars to sleek, sophisticated nightclubs, all revelers are equally rewarded on Budapest night tour. Maybe you’ll sip a drink at a rooftop bar high up in one of the city’s Art Nouveau masterpieces, dance the night away at a speaker-shaking nightclub, or perhaps you’re simply content to take a moonlit stroll, stopping for a pastry at a coffee house that only closes at midnight. Whatever your style, a Budapest night tour does the job.

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Group of tourists enjoying drinks at a local guide's favorite watering hole in Budapest
A night in ruins

It’s impossible to talk about Budapest nightlife without bringing up Szimpla Kert, Hungary’s iconic nightlife spot housed in an old stove factory. Today, the party scene in the Hungarian capital is known for ruin bars just like Szimpla – nightclubs and drinking holes set up in dilapidated buildings. The eerily apocalyptic atmosphere of socialist-era decor makes for a night out that’s more than memorable. A Budapest night tour with us is the perfect time to explore the best of the city’s ruin bars, scoping out the bric-à-brac and sipping a cocktail at a mismatched table and chair.

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