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In France, food isn’t just fuel – it’s a tradition built on bread, butter, and perfect balance. French food has long been a leader in culinary revolutions, shaping western cooking for centuries. In the country’s historic capital city, Paris, the best restaurants can be uncovered around every cobbled corner. With a local insider to guide you on a walking tour of Paris’s most famous places to eat, you’ll go on a delicious discovery of French food at its finest. In a city where the bread is always fresh, the wine is the best in the world, and it’s totally acceptable to have oysters for breakfast, a culinary tour is a gateway to gastronomic genius.

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Typical artisanal cheese shop in Paris
Try authentic foods loved by locals

French foods are all legends in their own right, tucked away in tiny boulangeries, fromageries, and pâtisseries along Paris’ medieval streets. Maybe you’re hankering for flaky pastries and fine chocolates in the cobbled backstreets of the 11th arrondissement? Or perhaps charming Le Marais’ quaint sidewalk cafés and bustling markets top the list on your French food tour. In Paris, you could find yourself standing in line at a bustling street-food stall or away from the crowd in a cozy wine bar for pre-dinner apéro – either way, the French food here is truly decadent.

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Tourist and Paris local sampling cheese at a bistro in Paris
A history lesson for the hungry

To eat like a Parisian is to embark on a discovery of a culinary tradition born in the Middle Ages. In fact, a food tour of Paris is a trip through time. Whether you sample crusty galettes (buckwheat pancakes dating back to the 14th-century) at a 400-year-old market, tuck into a hearty bowl of boeuf bourguignon – a slow-cooked beef and vegetable stew that’s been preserved in recipe books since 1903 – or taste cheeses whose recipes have remained unchanged for centuries, it’s impossible to go on a food tour of Paris’ best restaurants without learning about its culinary history.

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Typical selection of confectionery for sale in a local patisserie in Paris
Traditional tastes and contemporary cuisine

Over the decades, French food has become synonymous with traditional fare: flaky croissants, freshly baked baguettes, exquisite regional cheeses, and the finest wines. But peer behind the cultural curtain on your food tour of Paris, and you’ll uncover a hidden world of modern gastro-bistros reinvented and revived, tapas bars that throw tradition on its head – and some of the best restaurants in Paris serving some very unexpected cuisine. Creative fusions like Franco-Japanese or French-Korean are just some of the exciting French food styles you could tuck into on your tour.

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