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The best Toronto night tours & experiences with locals

If you happen to be in Canada’s biggest city, it would be a huge mistake to miss out on the best of the buzzing nightlife scene. The after-dark entertainment options in the Canadian capital are as diverse as the people who call the city home, and a night out could go many different ways. Toronto night tours with City Unscripted are the perfect way to blend in with the locals for an unforgettable night catered to your preferences and personality. With a Torontonian guide to give you a backstage pass into the world of locals-only late nights, you’ll bypass the tourist traps for the hidden gems and holes-in-the-wall that make nights in Toronto the stuff of legend.

Tourists enjoying the view from a bridge on a night tour of Toronto
Tailored Toronto night tours

When it comes to the perfect night out, we know everyone’s idea is a little different. That’s why our Toronto night tours are 100% personalized to suit your style. Your local guide is more than qualified to point out the top spots for drinking, dining, and dancing till dawn, but if you like your night a little more low-key, you’ll still be spoiled for choice. Maybe you’ll explore indie bars and boutiques then admire art at a gallery that’s open till late, or perhaps you’ll catch a drag show, a theater performance, or test your luck at a board games café – the night is yours!

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Pedestrians crossing a busy street surrounded by neon lights in Toronto at night
The epicenter of entertainment

In a city with its own designated Entertainment District, you know nights out are going to be good. Tightly packed with late-night shops, restaurants, bars, lounges, and pulsating clubs, the Toronto Entertainment District is the epicenter of nightlife in its purest sense and the ideal place for memorable Toronto night tours. But it’s not all about drinking and dancing – the district is also the place to be for movies, theater, live sports, and sweeping city views. No matter what type of night owl you are, Toronto night tours in this iconic downtown stretch couldn’t possibly disappoint.

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Local guide with tourists at a busy bistro in Toronto on a night out in the city
Dining after dark

If a food exists, you’ll find it in the Canadian capital – and Toronto night tours are the best time to experience the city’s impossibly diverse food scene for yourself. It’s no secret that Toronto is home to amazing restaurants and cafés, but why not line your stomach with something a little more exciting? From Portuguese-style grilled chicken and tasty custard tarts to Ukrainian pierogi dumplings and fantastic flavors from all across Asia, Toronto manages to distill the global culinary scene into one vibrant city. Let your taste buds have a party of their own on Toronto night tours!

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