Tourist enjoying a meal and drinks on a food tour of Toronto with a private guide

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In Canada’s capital, food is a big deal. The Toronto food scene is a cross-cultural melting pot of textures, tastes, and flavors thanks to the city’s incredible diversity. The countless cultures that call Toronto home have brought with them a smorgasbord of delicious dishes from all across the globe. If a food exists, you’ll find it here. As for local Toronto food, it’s not all maple syrup – Canada has its own fantastic cuisine, with iconic specialties done the right way scattered throughout Toronto. Whether you’re looking for authentic pastéis de nata at a Portuguese market or a plate of poutine from a local haunt, Toronto is the place to get it.

Tourist enjoying a meal and drinks on a food tour of Toronto with a private guide
Global gastronomy

One word to describe the Toronto food culture: diverse. For centuries, immigrants from South America, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe have been bringing their culinary cultures to Toronto. In the city’s ethnic enclaves, virtually every type of cuisine is readily available. Several of the city’s neighborhoods are known for their international cuisine, from authentic Asian in Agincourt to Greek and Turkish in The Danforth. You definitely won’t be stuck for Toronto food to tuck into, particularly in a city where your tastebuds can travel the world without leaving the downtown area!

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A typical bakery full of fresh bread in Toronto
Canadian classics done right

Looking for things to do? Trying iconic Canadian food in Toronto should be top of the list. Canada has delectable dishes that have never really left the country’s shores, and on Toronto food tours, the more elastic your waistband, the better. Uniquely Toronto food includes the deceptively simple but oh-so-delicious peameal sandwich (griddled peameal bacon on a soft bun) and mouthwatering no-bake Nanaimo slices – a crumb base topped with layers of custard and chocolate. And then there’s Canadian poutine, the holy grail of crispy fries, squeaky cheese curds, and rich gravy.

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A typical market stall at a fresh food market in Toronto
A must-visit market scene

Toronto’s restaurants and cafés are world-class, but the true Toronto food bucket list can only be checked off at the city’s vibrant markets. From Portuguese-style grilled chicken and custard tarts at Churrasco St. Lawrence to Ukrainian pierogi dumplings at European Delight, Toronto manages to distill the global culinary scene into its small, colorful marketplaces. If you’re looking for things to do, head to Toronto food paradise in Kensington Market – a small neighborhood packed with Caribbean shops, Mexican taquerias, Chilean joints, European cafés, and authentic Italian pizzerias.

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